Calling all foodies! Could an electric bike be the secret ticket to Adelaide’s hottest restaurants?

Meet lifestyle guru Paul!

Thirapat (Paul) Ekbundit is a traveler, influencer, foodie and coffee lover who inspires his 50k fans every day. Paul is originally from Bangkok but now lives in Adelaide, Australia. Adelaide is one of the most sustainable cities in the world, but Paul hadn’t explored it on two wheels until he got his Voya E+ electric bike – and now he’s hooked!

He’s lived in Sydney and Bangkok – cities that never sleep – but he loves Adelaide. ‘It’s somewhere in the middle, a small city and a bit metro, it’s hard to explain,’ he says. 'Expect nothing and you’ll easily fall in love,’ he exclaimed.

His creative career 

Paul wasn’t always an influencer, it started as a hobby. He started taking photos of his breakfasts and leaving reviews at interesting eateries; and he was always on the lookout for beautiful locations to take his OOTD shots. Check out his insta (@Paulpayasalad), you’ll see how easy he makes these pics look!

When he’s not creating content for his own channels, he works at an advertising company in Adelaide in the Central Business District. Whether it’s designing a website, creating content, or advising on UI and UX best practices, he does it all. Paul is a creative through and through.

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Adelaide’s best foodie hotspots

Paul’s called Australia home for almost nine years and he commutes every day for work, shopping and socializing. When he switched to an electric bike, his life and commuting experience radically changed. He hadn’t ridden for years but it wasn’t long before he was confident whizzing around Adelaide, exploring as if he’d just moved there.

It had been a long time since he’d been on two wheels but the Voya E+ was such a great bike to start enjoying riding again! “The first time I tried the Voya E+ I was totally blown away. It felt like floating - so effortless and light. I discovered so many safe bike paths in Adelaide. Now that I look for them, they’re everywhere!” says Paul.

No longer held back by traffic and timetables – and with plenty of safe routes to take, Paul has been discovering some of Adelaide’s best foodie hotspots. Here’s Paul’s top picks for the ultimate food-lover's day: ‘Power up with a flat white from one of my fave places to grab coffee: Hello Stranger, Dayjob or Just Down the Road. Then tuck into a French breakfast at Hey Jupiter Brasserie Francaise, they do a divine croissant and Cafe Au Lait on a pretty street - and if escargot (snails) is your thing, then here’s the place to eat them too. Head to the stylish Bloom restaurant for a true fusion-style lunch - you can get a masala, a yakisoba and a pasta dish all in one place! Be sure to leave enough room for a seafood dinner and breathtaking sunset by the sea at Joe Henley Beach – sit next to the window or nab a seat outside in summer.’

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Freedom to explore

Even after using his Voya E+’s Smart Assist mode a few times, the battery can last for days with just one charge. It’s so lightweight, ergonomic, and robust that you can carry this e-bike and take it anywhere. “A truly rare find,” Paul exclaimed.

So, if like Paul, you’re keen to explore – and your e-bike is charged and ready to roll, what are Adelaide’s must-see destinations? ‘If you’re here in spring, enjoy the city’s jacaranda and wisteria blossoms and be sure to stop by the Art Gallery of SA to complete the colorful album (if you're taking photos!). If you’re planning a summer visit, don’t miss Glenelg for its fresh seafood and beachy vibe. For autumn visits put Hahndorf on your list – you can enjoy German food and beer, organic markets and freshly roasted chestnuts. And finally, winter visitors don’t miss Barossa – where you can enjoy wine tasting in over 150 wineries! Lots of them have a cozy log fire, too.’

Voya E+

Nothing an e-bike can’t do!

It can be hard to find something that meets the multidimensional needs of urbanites, we’re pretty demanding! But Paul thinks the Voya E+ comes pretty close. As a designer and creative, experience, durability and (of course) aesthetics are top of his list. For Paul, the Voya E+ is a great choice for exploring the city, for content creation, commuting and even exercising - he just turns off the pedal assist and rides it like a normal bike.

“Sometimes when I want to work out after work, I just turn the power off and ride it like a normal bike. And the views are way better than running on a treadmill at the gym,” says Paul.

As for commuting, it goes without saying that the Voya E+ can get you where you need to go faster, comfortably, safely, and without breaking a sweat. All with the added bonus that you’ll find delicious places to eat and drink too. On your way home from work? Why not enjoy a delicious cocktail, sashimi and oysters at Merrymaker Rooftop Bar on top of the Hotel Indigo? It’s a young, fun space with a great rooftop vibe,’ recommends Paul.

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Go Your Way

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