Why a cargo electric bike changed my life!

Three inspiring stories from cargo e-bike riders who’ve never looked back

Find the right bike and you find your calling, right? With the help of our PAKYAK E+ cargo e-bike, that’s exactly what happened when these riders got their cargo electric bikes.

More than just a cargo e-bike

Everyone knows someone within their circle, or at least a friend of a friend who’s ridden forever. We’re not talking about athletes or bike couriers that do it for a living - but normal people who switched to riding as a way of life. Have you ever wondered why?

Some people probably only ride once in a blue moon, for example, when they’re exploring on vacation. But, for those of us who’ve invested in a bike - or an e-bike in particular, those two wheels are a serious companion, like an extension of yourself.

We spoke to three inspirational cargo e-bike fans who told us how their cargo e-bikes helped them fulfill their dreams.

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I can travel without limits - Bryce LaDuc

No one loves traveling with their dogs more than Bryce LaDuc. She’s a freelance marketer and content creator, famous for sharing stories about how she and long-term boyfriend Paul explore breath-taking landscapes with their furry friends. Whether they’re on one of their epic hikes in the Adirondack Mountains or picking up something at a local store, their dogs Arlo and Finn always tag along. What makes Finn unique is the fact that he is a 16-year-old dog with paralyzed back legs, making their hikes a little bit challenging.

The family initially lived in New York, then moved to Oregon and finally Nevada. It was during their time in Oregon when they truly discovered their love for exploring the great outdoors with their dogs. They initially relied on a van to transport the whole family and would plan according to Finn’s limited mobility. When the PAKYAK E+ cargo electric bike came into their lives, everything changed. Because it’s a powerful electric bike capable of carrying heavy loads, Arlo could easily fit in the rear basket while Finn is pulled in his wagon. And there is still plenty of space for the couple to carry their own packs, dogs’ gear, food and more!

“Whether it’s a ride through the neighborhood, a trip to the local pet store, a ride up through the mountains or down a dirt road, no matter the terrain, he’s (Finn) now able to join in the fun! The PAKYAK E+ cargo electric bike has been an incredible addition to our pack because it allows us to adventure all together,” said Bryce. The e-bike enabled her to live the life she loves with the ones she loves – no compromises.

Check out our article about Bryce’s journey and follow her at @laducb 

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I can live a sustainable urban lifestyle - Junior Schouten

Junior Schouten isn’t your typical New York urbanite with an office job. He believes cities and nature can coexist, which is why he chased after his dream job as the Head Gardener and Head Beekeeper at Brooklyn Grange. The organization is a network of urban farms that provide city dwellers with fresh fruits, vegetables, and flowers. The green spaces are so beautiful they’re sometimes used for weddings, corporate events and more! Its goal is essentially to promote sustainable living for all.

Junior’s daily journey starts at the Brooklyn Grange HQ. He then makes different stops across the city to deliver whatever each farming site might need that day. “Taking huge quantities of soil and fertilizer across New York’s traffic seemed impossible at first until I found out about cargo e-bikes and Momentum’s PAKYAK E+. Even though you have loads of weight on the bike, the PAKYAK E+ cargo e-bike is still easy to maneuver, and you can cruise through traffic thanks to the pedal-assist,” enthuses Junior. In essence, the bike does the heavy lifting. Its sturdy kickstand also lets him park wherever it’s convenient so he can unload the heavy cargo without having to carry it too far or worrying the contents might spill over.

In a world where it feels like most of us are trapped in a rat race, we admire Junior for staying true to his calling in life. Choosing a cargo e-bike is definitely a statement for sustainable living. Not only does it reduce our personal carbon footprint, contributes to cleaner air and encourages an urban cycling movement, but it also makes our lives so much easier.

Check out our article featuring Junior for more on his story and learn more about the rooftop farm at @brooklyngrange

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I can share my love of healthy eating with my family - Catherine McCord

We all have a go-to person for yummy food recommendations. For hundreds of thousands of people, that’s Catherine McCord, the brainchild behind Weelicious. Having built a career working at gourmet restaurants, she knew her life’s calling would always center around food. But when she settled down in LA and became a mom, her priorities changed. Watching her kids have fun cooking and enjoy eating healthy meals helped her realize the importance of instilling healthy habits from a young age. So she started taking them with her on her visits to the local farmer’s market on her PAKYAK E+ cargo electric bike.

“I can’t believe just how much I’m able to carry no matter where I’m headed in LA. It’s gotten to the point that I don’t even want to drive my car any longer and the PAKYAK E+ cargo e-bike is so easy to maneuver and makes me feel incredibly free,” says Catherine.

Catherine started building her influence by launching Weelicious, a website full of healthy and family friendly recipes. She then went on to publish two cookbooks and launch an organic meal delivery kit service called One Potato. We’re in awe of how much she’s accomplished! But what inspires us most, are the many ways she engages her family so that they can all live a healthier lifestyle.

Learn more about Catherine's life and follow her for delicious recipes at @weelicious

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Live the life you want

As you can see, a cargo electric bike really can make the world of difference to you – and your family’s lives. So whether you want to live more sustainably, or share your passions with your family – and furry family – the PakYak E+ cargo electric bicycle, is your do-it-all companion.

If you want to know more about cargo electric bikes, check out our article on 10 reasons to buy a cargo e-bike!

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