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10 Reasons to Start Commuting on an Electric Commuter Bike in a City

An electric commuter bike will totally transform the way you get around your city.  Here’s 10 good reasons why it’s time to make the change.

A commuter electric bike will almost certainly get you to your destination quicker than your traditional mode of transport, so is it time to switch up your daily commute? Hell yeah! Read on to find out how easy it is to commute on an electric bike.

1. You can go further with less effort

If you thought your office was too far for a bike ride, well, think again! With an E-bike, you can ride further than you might think thanks to the bike’s electric assist. What’s this you ask? Momentum commuter E-bikes have various levels of assistance, which basically provides a boost to your cycling – helping you ride further and faster without feeling exhausted. And because you can go faster than a normal bike too, you can cover greater distances, which means those weekend road trips just got a lot more interesting as well! So, whether you’re heading to the office or want to meet friends on the other side of town, you’ll arrive on time and sweat-free!

2. It saves time… and not just because it’s faster!

Yes, electric commuter bikes look like traditional bikes but don’t let that fool you: electric bikes are faster, and they can greatly reduce your commuting time. E-bikes have electric pedal assistance, which gives you the extra boost you need to maintain your desired speed while riding. Everybody’s preferred speed is different, so Momentum E-bikes come with several levels of pedal support, such as ‘eco’, ‘normal’, and ‘sport.’ This means you can get the boost you need comfortably at your own pace.

But speed isn’t the only thing that will shave time off your commute. With an electric bike, you avoid getting stuck in traffic and time trying to park; and you won’t need a shower when you arrive as you won’t be a sweaty mess! Just think of all the free time you’ll have: you can stay in bed longer in the mornings, spend more time in the gym at lunch and get to your post-work drinks even quicker. It’s a win-win!

3. It charges like a smartphone

If you’re new to E-bikes then you might be wondering how you charge them. Well, it’s not that different from charging your phone, smartwatch, or earbuds. Just remove the battery, plug in the power cable, and connect the charger to the battery. Simple! On average, a full charge takes around five to eight hours, but super-fast charging batteries can take as little as three hours. And if you’re in a hurry, you can always use the battery again before it's fully charged.

On a full charge, the electric bike’s range (that’s how far it can travel on a single charge) is typically 30-120 miles (50-200 km), depending on different factors and the battery type. To maximize your range, consider using a lower level of assist, riding at a lower speed, and finding the right gears to use. And if you run out of power during your ride, well, it’s still a bike, isn’t it, so you can just pedal!

4. It’s safe

When it comes to commuting on your electric bike, speed isn’t the only thing that matters. Sure, you want to get from A to B as quickly as possible, but safety is key. With the right gear and correct precautions, your commute can be as safe as it is speedy!

Always wear a well-fitting helmet and make yourself as visible as possible to those around you: use lights and reflectors – not just at night; and wear high-vis clothing – that’s anything neon, reflective and eye catching. Be seen to be safe.

5. It’s seriously comfortable

Don’t be surprised if riding your electric bike is one of the most comfortable commutes you’ve had. Our saddles are lightweight, water-resistant, and built with a pressure relief base.

But you might be thinking: “If this electric bike is heavy, is it tricky to maneuver?’ The answer is  ‘no!’. We’ve got it covered! The electric commuter bike comes with a “walk assist” function, which gives you just enough support when you’re off the bike if you need to push it uphill or around obstacles. The feature helps take the bike’s weight, making it easier to handle when you’re not riding it.

6. Its gears are easy to use

Mechanical gears on a standard bike make for an easier ride, from pedaling uphill to maintaining cruising efficiency. In addition to these mechanical gears, an electric commuter bike also has electric assistance gears, which increases the overall number of gears on the bike. For example, an E-bike with eight mechanical gears and three electric assistance gears has a total of 24 different gears/speeds.

For beginners, picking the right gear is simple. From stationary, start off on the lowest gear – that’s the gear with the lowest pedaling resistance, meaning it feels easy to pedal – and gradually increase your gears as you pick up speed. But remember as you climb a hill or slow down, you may want to downshift to lower (easier) gears.

7. You can pack the kitchen sink

Okay, not literally, but a common complaint when riding to work is the limited amount of stuff you can carry with you. That’s where an E-bike is a game changer. You can carry your work bag, shopping (and kitchen sink!) – you can even stow a weekender bag in your E-bike’s rack; and none of this extra baggage will mean you have to work any harder as the pedal assistance will help you carry the load. And if you want to take your kids out and about too, then just mount a child seat or a kid trailer and enjoy the bike's power and stability. Learn more about cargo E-bike.

8. It’s literally like riding a bike…

A few elements make riding an E-bike different to a standard bike but the principles are very much the same; so if you can ride a bike, you can ride an E-bike! Just be sure to always follow the rules of the road and keep in mind a few E-bike specific safety tips: Electric bikes are heavier and faster so be aware that you are on a more powerful ride than a pedal bike; even though you can go faster, keep your speed in check in traffic and congested areas as car drivers won’t be expecting you to be going that fast.

Wear your helmet, make yourself visible with daytime riding lights, and remember that the additional weight might make you feel wobbly at times, especially at the beginning. Take your time learning how to dismount, brake, stop, and you’ll feel like a pro in no time.

9. It’s efficient

Did you know it takes your body less energy to cycle a mile than it takes to walk a mile? Bikes are one of the most efficient ways to get to your destination. Studies show cycling can be up to five times as efficient as walking. And that’s the case for a traditional bike without pedal assist. Just imagine how much less energy you’ll need to use with your electric bike giving you an extra boost. After all, it’s your commute, not a HIIT workout - you deserve the extra push along the way! But, if you’re after more of a challenge, you can turn off the assist function at any time and pedal the good old fashioned way.

10. It’s cool

In the past, people cared about what car you drove but time’s are changing. How you choose to get about is a reflection of your values and what’s important to you. Commuting on an electric bike isn’t just practical, it shows you care about the environment too.  And is there anything cooler than being green? We didn’t think so…

It’s not that we’re biased but electric bikes really are the perfect choice for your daily commute! Riding to work, running errands, heading out with friends... an e-bike can be practical, healthy, and most importantly, so much fun. Check out our range of commuter e-bikes and find the perfect one for you.

Did you know that an electric commuter bike is better than a car?