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A beginner’s guide to fixing your bike at home

You don’t *have* to repair your bike yourself! If you don’t feel comfortable doing it, take your bike to your nearest bike shop. If the problem needs more than a ‘quick fix’ or it’s a new bike and it’s still “settling”, it’s better to go to a bike shop. They might even be able to tell you how to fix it easily yourself for next time!  
But, if you are up for trying to fix your bike at home, read on – we have all the top tips you need! You might even find it fun – and very satisfying, it can certainly be quicker than getting your bike to the shop. Here are the most common bike repairs you can do at home.

Problem 1: The bike chain has popped off

You probably need to adjust your shifter, this controls your derailleu. At this point you want to adjust the high limit screw(usually marked with an “H”) and turn the screw until the chain is in line with the smallest gear as it runs through the derailleur. Check this from the rear of the bike to get the best perspective. Lastly, check the tension on the cable – adjusting if necessary. To stop the chain popping off, make sure you are soft pedaling when shifting. 
If your chain keeps popping off and you’ve had your bike some time, then your chain might have stretched and it’s best to visit your local bike shop for a checkup.


Problem 2: The bike chain doesn’t shift properly

Roll your sleeves up and get ready to clean - you need to de-grease your chain! First, you need to clean and dry your chain and the cassette. We recommend buying a degreaser and applying it to the drivetrain with a paintbrush while the chain is moving. To wash off the degreaser, simply use a clean cloth or wet sponge. After the bike chain is clean, just add a few drops of lube and turn the cranks. Don’t over lube it or it will attract more grime and dirt – a drop on the top of each link is perfect.

Problem 3: I’ve got a flat tire (or keep getting flat tires)

If pumping the tires doesn’t fix the problem, you need to replace the tube. There is probably a hole in your tube, so you can either patch the hole or replace the tube. To do so, you need to remove the wheel from the frame, then separate the bead (the rubber tire) from the rim, so you can easily replace the tube. The best thing to use is tire levers, they’ll help you separate the tire from the rim so that you can get to the inner tube and either replace it or patch it. 
The hole could have been caused by having underinflated tubes. Always make sure to inflate at least until the minimum recommended PSI written at the side of your tire. A hole can also be caused by a sharp object from the road, which can get lodged in your tire – be sure to check the outside and inside of the tire for sharp objects before you put a new inner tube in and put the wheel back on. 
Take note, changing a rear flat tire that’s connected to the hub-motor requires extra care! Pay attention to the wires connected to the hub-motor when removing the wheel to avoid damaging them. Once the wheel is safely removed, repeat the steps mentioned above.


Problem 4: The tire is rubbing on the brake pads

You might need to align your wheel.  It's easy to align the front wheel with the frame once you notice it. Turn the bike upside down and balance it on the handlebars. Spin the wheel and check where the misalignment is. Turn the lever or the knob on the quick release brakes counterclockwise on the side that is rubbing. Turn the lever or knob on the opposite side an equal number of turns clockwise. Spin the wheel to check and repeat if necessary.


Problem 5: The chain is making a grinding noise

You need to clean the chain. If you don’t clean it regularly, you risk wear and tear, which could cause avoidable long-lasting damage. Try to clean and lube your chain at least every few weeks if you use your bike extensively or at least once a month.

Problem 6: The e-bike battery doesn’t charge properly or doesn’t hold its charge

E-bike batteries usually last a very long time: Momentum’s EnergyPak is durable and all our batteries come with a two-year warranty. However, if the battery isn’t lasting as long as it was, it might be time to replace it. If you need a new battery, you can order it from our website, or directly with a momentum retailer. Our Transend E+, Vida E+ and PakYak E+ batteries can be replaced at home, and for bikes with integrated batteries, like our Voya E+, these can be replaced by a momentum retailer.


The more familiar you become with your bike, the easier and faster your repairs will become. And good bike maintenance can often go a long way to avoiding a lot of the common issues that need to be repaired – a clean chain can take you a long way! However, if you’re unsure, or just want some reassurance, head to your nearest momentum retailer for expert advice and official momentum parts and accessories.