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An easy guide to finding your ideal bike size

Is it just us, or are bikes more popular than ever? They come in so many shapes, sizes, and colors. Some come with cool accessories that support all kinds of riders – super parents with kids tagging along in the back, or front baskets for pampered pets! Loads of people have switched to cycling as a smart way to live more mindfully - and save costs on fuel. If this is your first time picking a bike or maybe you haven’t ridden one in a long time – our handy guide to finding the right bike size will help!

Choosing a bike that’s just right for you is like picking the perfect pair of jeans – lots to be considered but so worth it in the long run. This article has practical tips to help you pick the right bike size and make your bike-picking journey hassle-free. All you’ll need is a measuring tape to get started.


Top tip: Decide what type of bike you want before figuring out the perfect bike size for you

Your ideal bike size depends on the type of bike you want, plus your height and physical strength. Understandably commuter bikes are very different to mountain bikes, which are also very different to cargo bikes. Aside from the obvious large versus small size difference, these bikes come in different shapes and are fitted with different accessories and parts because they’re designed for different lifestyles.

For example, a mountain bike is designed for someone who loves the great outdoors and isn’t afraid of getting dirty. The tires are wider and larger; the bike frame and other parts are thicker and heavier; and it’ll probably have a water bottle cage (yes, not all bikes have one!). All these features help the rider conquer tough terrains.

At momentum we have a unique bike size chart for all our bikes, whether you’re looking at the PakYak E+ cargo e-bike, the sturdy Vida Low-Step leisure bike or our newest Voya E+ commuter e-bike. To find out more click here.

Measuring tips to find the perfect bike size for your height

There are two important things you need to measure to help you find the perfect bike fit: height and leg inseam. (You might want to Google “bike diagram” and take out a measuring tape for this bit!)

  1. Height: This measurement should be fairly easy. Your height will affect the position you adopt while riding, whether you’re sitting upright or leaning forward – whatever you prefer! This is one of the easier ways to help you narrow down your bike selection but it’s not the most precise. We still highly recommend adding a second variable into the mix or at least giving a few bikes a try before you buy.

  2. Leg inseam: The leg inseam is basically the distance between your foot and upper inner thigh while standing straight. This measurement is more accurate because you can compare it with the height of the top tube of the bike frame to determine if you could stand comfortably over your bike – we call this the “standover height”. As a general rule of thumb, there should be about an inch (~2.5cm) of space between your leg inseam height and the standover height.

Check our bicycle size chart for more information and the diagram next to it for guidance. We have one for every bike model on our website. If you’re still not sure,check out the sizing informaiton from Voya E+ as an example below!


Try the bike in person

Still not sure? Come and visit us! If you can get to a bike shop and try out your bike in person, then do. You might have your heart set on one but it doesn’t hurt to try out a few models in different sizes and speak to one of our reps for guidance and advice. Find a momentum Bike Store Near You for a demo.


Listen to your body

We can’t stress how important it is that you feel comfortable during and after a ride; it may affect your comfort and safety in the long term. If you already own a bike and want to figure out if it’s the right size for you, pay attention when you cycle. Any type of pain, discomfort, or if you’re struggling to stop or stand with ease, might be a sign that the bike isn't right for you - or that the current setup needs to be tweaked. Sometimes it’s the saddle, sometimes it’s the length of the crank arms that connect to the pedals. Learn more by reading our article on what might be causing knee pain or discomfort when biking.

You can also ask friends for a test ride on their bikes and see if you feel differently. Or simply come visit us.


Time to ride!

Choosing the right bike doesn’t have to be complicated. It just takes a little effort and some self-awareness. Finding the right bike size for your height and strength (especially if you’re carrying it up and down the stairs) will help you identify the bike that’s best for you. Nip potential problems in the bud and you’ll be out enjoying your bike in no time.

To learn more about momentum bikes click here.