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Art in Motion: The Creative Life of Amrei Fiedler, Illustrator and Cycling Supermom

Ever wondered how a book or a simple illustration can ignite a child's imagination? Amrei Fiedler, a talented illustrator, brings this magic to life. She finds endless inspiration in her daily adventures while riding her bike around the charming city of Hamburg or whenever she spends time with her own kids, nurturing their young minds. Step into Amrei’s colorful world, where her illustrations invite children to dream, explore, and discover boundless possibilities. We also get a rare glimpse of her creative process. Read on and perhaps you’ll soon embark on your own creative journey!

Amrei, the Illustrator

Imagine a world where every illustration is a doorway to a child’s imagination. This is Amrei’s mission as a children's books illustrator. But that’s not all! Her vibrant art also shines on posters, flyers for cultural events, animations, website illustrations, educational calendars, postcards, and more. She also loves engaging with her audience through readings, workshops, and performances in theaters, daycare centers, and bookstores, making art accessible and fun.

Fiedler’s journey as an illustrator actually began in the lively streets of Buenos Aires. It was there that she was captivated by a 60-year-old local artist and her mesmerizing watercolor tango dancers. Inspired, Amrei took weekly lessons in the artist's home studio along with another student, learning the magic of light and shadow. When she returned to Germany, she knew she had to study illustration over fashion design. Her final thesis was a children's book adaptation of a German folk song her father used to sing to her as a little girl. Her book soon got published, marking her entry into the book industry – and the rest is history!

Amrei, the Illustrator

As a freelance illustrator, Amrei's path has been both colorful and unpredictable. Balancing the freedom of art with the responsibilities of motherhood is challenging, but it fuels her creativity. Her children are her muses, constantly reminding her of the vital role books play in early childhood development. “I think books are very important. You can give children such a great educational head start if you read to them a lot. And if you have beautiful books at your disposal, the whole thing is even more fun!” exclaimed Amrei.

She plans to continue creating books, animating, teaching, and exploring new artistic ventures, drawing inspiration from everyday life, colors, materials, people and animals, and experiences that shape one’s most precious memories.

Amrei, the Mother

Amrei Fiedler's dedication to creating children's books stems from her own childhood as she was read to a lot. Stories hold such a transformative power, and she sees how they enrich her children's lives, helping them develop their language skills, creativity, and self-expression. For Amrei they are essential for a child's growth and learning. Books spark children’s imagination and help them explore the world in their own way.

Balancing life as a mom and an artist, Amrei has developed an effective daily routine. She starts her day early, making breakfast and lunch before joyfully biking her children to school and daycare. Once at her studio, she dives into her projects, often losing track of time in her creative flow. Afternoons are dedicated to her children, filled with adventures in the park, dog walks, and cozy reading sessions on the balcony.

Amrei's children play a crucial role in her creative process. Her daughter, an enthusiastic reader, is her first critic who loves giving her mom feedback on new stories. Then pointing at her son’s favorite book at the moment, Amrei excited asked, “Did you see it? A bicycle. Cars are always represented in books. I think it’s a bit of a shame that there are so few bicycles.” She then goes on to explain that “bikes are quite hard to illustrate. But if you free yourself from the fact that everything has to be correct, it is a lot of fun.” For Momentum collaboration, she illustrated cute animals cycling around the city on e-bikes, running errands and enjoying the breeze (a little bit too fast!). This is to highlight the fun and versatile nature of the Momentum Compakt e-bike. Small bike, big imagination. ”

Amrei Fiedler's Illustrations

Here’s a secret – Amrei often hides personal messages in her illustrations, like her daughter's name on a license plate or a favorite toy, adding a touch of magic and personal connection. For the Momentum collaboration, she brought to life adorable animals cycling around the city on e-bikes, running errands, and enjoying the breeze (a little bit too fast!). Her illustrations capture the joy and freedom of cycling, reflecting the fun and adventurous spirit of the Momentum Compakt e-bike. It's a delightful reminder that a small bike can spark big imaginations.

Amrei, the Cyclist

Every supermom has her trusty sidekick. For Fiedler, it’s her new Compakt E+, Momentum’s latest electric bike with a foldable design and versatile configurations. This bike powers her daily errands, transports her children to school and daycare, and allows her to enjoy leisurely rides near the water. Its small size and design make it the perfect e-bike commuting companion for navigating the busy streets of Hamburg.

“Cycling is simply the most pleasant way to get around the city,” Amrei shares. “It’s a wonderful break that allows me to switch from mom mode to artist mode effortlessly.” The Compakt E+ helps Amrei carry heavy groceries, art supplies, or even her children with ease thanks to its Mounting is Key (MIK-HD) rear rack with a 42kg max load capacity.

Cycling along the scenic routes along the riverbanks or canals is also a daily treat, providing Amrei with moments of tranquility and inspiration for her work. “Cycling can be very inspirational. You are focused. Having an open view instead of the desk. When I ride along the water, I come up with new ideas,” she reflected.

Cycling Towards Creativity

A picture (or illustration) is worth a thousand words. Amrei’s illustrations for Momentum show that an e-bike like the Compakt E+ can be the perfect companion for parents and children, a perfect blend of convenience and inspiration in one stylish package. At Momentum, we care about families being able to enjoy their daily lives, full of inspiration, creativity and adventure.

Want to see more of Amrei’s artistic journey? Follow her on Instagram at @amrei_fiedler_illustration or visit her website. And if you’re ready to embark on your own e-bike lifestyle, check out our new Momentum Compakt E+!

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