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Direct Mount 18mm KSA E-Bike Kickstand

Direct Mount 18mm KSA E-Bike Kickstand

Current price: $34.99


  • Fit: Giant and Liv specific E-Bike's
  • Mounting: Two bolt direct mount compatible only. Rear left chain stay
  • Features: Adjustable kickstand arm
  • Please contact us for questions regarding your E-Bike's compatibility


Colour: Black
Size: 320mm-400mm length
Material: Aluminium construction
E-Bike Compatibility:
Voya E+Road E+ 1 ProRoad E+ 1 ProRoad-E+ 1 Pro
Revolt E+Roam E+Revolt E+ ProLafree E+ 2
Roam E+Rove E+Stance E+ 2Toughroad GX E+
Rove E+Stance E+ 2 29Embolden E+ 2Explore E+ 3 GTS
Stance E+ 2Embolden E+ 2Fathom E+ 1 ProExplore E+ 3 STA
Embolden E+ 2Fathom E+ 1 Pro 29Fathom E+ 3Amiti E+ 2
Fathom E+ 1 ProTalon E+ 2 29Vall E+ 3Fathom E+ 1 Pro
Talon E+ 2 29Vall E+ ProFathom E+ 2
Tempt E+ 2Tempt E+ 1Vall-E+ 1 Pro


All prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.