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Electric bike maintenance: your ultimate guide

An e-bike, like any regular bike, needs proper care so it runs smoothly for years with no issues. Our essential guide will explain how to properly maintain your e-bike with a few important routines you can do at home:


Check the “Big 3”: Tires, Brakes, Chain

These three are the most common parts you should regularly check in order to have a safe ride.

  • E-bike Tires: First thing to check when riding an e-bike is that your tires are properly inflated. You can find the recommended PSI levels on the side of the tire. If you get a flat tire don’t keep riding on it, you need to patch it or fix it. Although mid-drive motor e-bikes are the same as regular bikes when it comes to changing your tire, the process is more difficult for hub-drive motors. Check with your local bike store if you’re not sure.

  • E-bike Brakes: All bikes need working brakes but because e-bikes are often slightly heavier and faster, it’s even more important to check your brakes regularly. Check the brake pads for possible pad wear and replace them if you need to. 

  • E-bike Chain: Electric bike chains tend to require more frequent lubrication than non-assisted bike chains, so be sure to regularly apply a high-quality lubricant. Lots of e-bikes have a belt drive system, which means there’s no need to clean and oil. Just keep an eye on the belt wear and replace it as recommended. Not only does this prevent costly parts replacements, a common complaint (we hear ya!) but it also keeps you safe.

Clean the e-bike chain

If you notice some wear on your chain, or if it’s making some unusual noises, it might be time to properly clean it. Cleaning the chain on your e-bike is a key part of reducing wear, improving performance and showing your e-bike some love! A dirty chain increases friction levels and makes it harder to pedal properly. If you want to go for the “quick and dirty” process, lubing and wiping could be enough. But the best and most comprehensive way to clean it, is to remove it first. You can then thoroughly scrub the chain to remove oil and dirt, rinse it with water, and then air dry it. If you can’t remove your chain from the e-bike you can still brush it or you can use a specific chain-cleaning device.


Wash the e-bike

Same as the chain, it’s important to keep your e-bike clean as it lowers the chances of parts wear and friction - and it keeps it looking good! But how do you wash an e-bike? Batteries and motors are usually sealed units, so there is no risk of ruining them when washing the bike; however, it’s still not advisable to wash the e-bike with a powerful water jet. Wash your e-bike with water from a bucket or low-pressure hose, a brush and a bike-specific cleaning product to quickly cut through dirt and grime if you fancy it. Before you start, make sure you turn off the e-bike system and all parts are properly sealed in their position. After washing the e-bike, dry it off with a clean cloth, being sure to avoid the disc brakes.


Maximize your e-bike battery

To get the most from your powerful e-bike battery,  it’s important to have good “battery discipline”. There are actually a few straightforward tips to prolong the life of your battery. First of all, top up the battery charge whenever you can. This will also ensure you don’t run out of power in the middle of your ride. 

Another way to extend the battery life is to use ‘Eco’ mode whenever possible. It might also be a good way to put in some exercise! Since wind resistance increases with speed, if you’re running out of power, it’s better to slow down so you can go further with less juice. 

Lastly, if you’re going to store the e-bike for a long time, avoid keeping it fully charged or fully uncharged. Anything between 30% to 60% is ideal for long-term storage. Storage Mode can be activated on the charger before storing the battery away. Just make sure to check back and charge it once every 3 months to maintain battery health at its peak!


Like any other bike, keeping your e-bike well maintained goes a long way to keeping it in great working order for longer. You can contact any official momentum bike shop in your area to answer any other questions you might have about how to take care of your momentum e-bike. And if you’re not sure if an e-bike is for you, check out our article about e-bikes.