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Meet world traveler Andrew!

Traveling is good for the soul and there are so many ways to do it. Some people are meticulous planners because they want to see absolutely everything; others prefer to go with the flow and explore off the beaten track, but however you choose to do it, we can all agree the experiences are priceless. We’re excited to chat with veteran traveler, musician, host, producer, and content creator (he’s really cool) - Andrew Gunadie, aka @gunnarolla to his fans. We talked about his unique career and how he’s testing out the Voya E+ electric bicycle for his next travel project!


Andrew originally studied TV production and worked for several reality TV shows and international film festivals. So, it was natural for him to use his skills and creative streak to launch his influencer career as @gunnarolla.

Like most OGs, he started off on YouTube, creating vlogs and music videos. One of his earliest successes was “Canadian, Please”, a catchy song that went viral and garnered millions of views back in 2009! But when he started touring to promote his music, he realized his true love was exploring and telling stories about the places he’d visited.

His content is loved by audiences from around the world for its versatility, funny moments and authentic twists. “I don’t take myself too seriously, and I don’t pretend to be an ‘expert’ ...I don’t always have to be the ‘star’”, he explains when elaborating on how he approaches content creation. His persistence, creativity, and passion for food and travel helped pave his path to this unique career.

Andrew hosting, taking pictures with fans


Andrew’s talent for unique finds on the road can be credited to summer trips across Canada with his family when he was younger. They'd come across quirky motels, local businesses and natural wonders that can only be randomly found. As he launched his career, he noticed it was while traveling by car or bike that he felt most inspired. Turns out, the road is great for sparking random and brilliant content ideas - hint, hint, for all aspiring content creators, you might want to consider upping your weekly biking routine!

Gunadie has worked with some of the world’s top brands and tourism boards. His assignments have taken him across Canada, the US, Europe, and Asia. He’s ridden camels in Egyptian deserts, released lanterns into the sky in Taiwan, dined with celebrities at airports across America, and experienced Lunar New Year celebrations in Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore and Taiwan. These epic trips inspired food & travel shows that he has produced like Nom Voyage for the Travel Channel, and One For The Road for Tastemade.

Andrew biking and sailing


Andrew’s relationship with riding changed after the pandemic hit Toronto, where he’s based. For a travel buff, lockdowns are an absolute nightmare. So he turned to cycling to stay fit and sane, and he's been loving it ever since. It’s now his top choice to commute in Toronto and whenever he’s exploring new cities. Toronto has dedicated bike lanes on major streets and multi-use trails that link to parks, beaches, local businesses and tons of other hidden gems. His best rides were usually ones that were totally unplanned.

“I’d pick a direction and go. A bike can get me where I need to go, on my own terms. It’s more fun than walking, it’s faster than running, and it’s less of a hassle (and better for the environment!) than getting in a car and going for a drive,” enthuses Andrew.

He recently tried Momentum’s newest electric bike, Voya E+ and enjoyed the awesome benefits an electric bicycle can provide: its ability to cover more ground and even the hardest hills without breaking a sweat.

The most exciting part is being able to wear something cute! Andrew and his team always look for opportunities to rent a bike wherever they go. He’s even done cycling tours around Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, and most recently Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Whistler (Canada). Where will he go next?

Momentum and Andrew


Everyone rides for different reasons. For Andrew, other than the road being a source of inspiration for content, biking simply takes him to a different mental space.

“There’s a certain nostalgia that I feel when I’m riding a bike. It takes me back to being a kid, feeling like you’re in control and totally free to go wherever you want. I just love that feeling,” he reflects.

This is exactly why the Momentum bike series was created, for people like Andrew who love exploring new cities, especially off the beaten track. We can’t wait to catch up with him again after his next electric bike travel adventure. Stay tuned via @gunnarolla. We know we will!

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