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Want to go traveling and take your dog with you? Riding an electric cargo bike is your best option! Take inspo from adventurer and dog lover Bryce LaDuc who takes her dogs everywhere with her on her PakYak E+ e-cargo bike. It’s official, she has the ultimate lifestyle!

An Inspiring Life

In one way or another, we all dream of traveling and visiting breathtaking places, and Bryce LaDuc is lucky enough that her dream came true after she graduated from college in Wisconsin. After college she moved to upstate New York with her boyfriend Paul and discovered her true passions: the outdoors and dogs.

After 13 years of adventures on the Adirondack mountains, Bryce and Paul moved to Portland, Oregon, to experience everything the Pacific Northwest had to offer.And that’s where they realized that to truly experience their adventures with their two dogs, a bike can simply offer a more rewarding trip than a van ever could. “It gets there faster and it’s easier than taking the car,” says Bryce. “But the best part is, we get to include the dogs the majority of the time!”

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Her passion for traveling and hiking

Bryce’s passion for traveling and hiking started around the time she first relocated to upstate New York, where she was drawn to the immense natural beauty of Adirondack Park.

“Working freelance in marketing and content creation, I have been extremely blessed with remote work that allows me to maximize my time outdoors with my dogs!” She explains.

In fact, taking her two dogs on a hike was the final push she needed to truly decide to live a healthier life immersed in nature.

Now, Bryce is a social media influencer with over 59,000 Instagram followers and a “46er” – a hiker who has climbed all 46 of the High Peaks in the Adirondack Mountains. But Bryce and Paul’s trips didn’t stop there. After spending the past few years being weekend warriors in the Pacific Northwest, they decided to move to Reno, Nevada, to take advantage of Lake Tahoe and Eastern Sierra.

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Traveling with her 2 dogs

When they were living in New York, Bryce and Paul adopted their 16-year-old dog, Finn. When he was 13, Finn’s back legs became paralyzed and their lives have changed quite a bit to accommodate his immobility. “Finn has always been a driving force in motivating us to adventure more,” Bryce says. “Dogs just have a way of doing that, and being immobile didn’t change that drive in him at all – he has always shown us that where there’s a will, there’s a way.” Finn’s amazing character encouraged Bryce and Paul to live by the mantra “never leave the dogs behind,” so they ensure he was included on as many adventures as possible since then.

Until recently, outdoor adventures were carefully planned according to Finn’s abilities and they relied on their van to transport all of them. But Momentum’s PAKYAK E+ has changed the way they all travel together.

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Choosing life on two wheels

Bryce has been traveling with her campervan for years, but she wanted Finn to be able to enjoy their excursions to the fullest, something that only a cargo E-bike has allowed them to do.

“Whether it’s a ride through the neighborhood, a trip to the local pet store, a ride up through the mountains or down a dirt road, no matter the terrain, he’s now able to join in the fun!” she says. “The PAKYAK E+ has been an incredible addition to our pack because it allows us to adventure all together.”

Where Bryce and Paul live now in Nevada, there are bike paths that easily link them to local shops, breweries and restaurants, so the PAKYAK E+ is now part of their everyday life. The rear basket not only comes in handy for hauling groceries and gear, but it’s also the perfect size for Arlo to ride in. “With Arlo in the basket and Finn getting pulled behind in his wagon, there is still plenty of room for our packs, dog gear, and other items we bring along in the side pannier bags and the front tote bag,” she adds.

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The ultimate pack

Bryce’s life has been full of adventures in some of the most stunning places you can visit, with many more still to come. With her boyfriend Paul and two dogs Arlo and Finn, she really has found the ultimate travel companions!

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Momentum’s PAKYAK E+ was designed with people like Bryce in mind, to let them appreciate every little detail during their travels with their loved ones.

We love that not only is our PAKYAK E+ cute, but it’s functional, fun, fast, and inspires us to do more together!” Bryce says. “In the city or on the road, the PAKYAK E+ has become a loved member of our family!” >>> Learn more about Bryce LaDuc

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