Momentum is a collection of stylish and comfortable commuter, hybrid and electric bikes that make it easy to enjoy cycling as part of an active, healthy and fun lifestyle.  

Pak the Fun

Whether you’re taking the kids to school, heading off for a weekend adventure, or just popping out for your groceries, the PakYak electric cargo bike is where it’s at.

Its mid-drive motor offers smooth and powerful pedaling support, wherever you’re going - and whatever (or whoever!) you’re carrying. The PakYak can carry up to 355 lbs/161kg and tackle hilly journeys, so choosing a bike over your car has never been easier. Its 500Wh battery provides impressive range and there’s even an auxiliary battery option to increase that if you need it.

With a great range of accessories for you to choose from, you can configure it to your household’s needs, one stylish add-on at a time. Choose two wheels over four for some next-level fun!

Pak for Playing

Epic moments made for sharing safely with the little people in your life

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Pak for Shopping

Matching your accessories to your bike is a total vibe

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Pak for Camping

Your dream trip just became a reality thanks to our extra battery pack

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