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The exciting life of a young mobile gaming entrepreneur on and off screen

The quest to be the best is never easy but it is exciting! We got a rare glimpse of the unique world of a successful 23-year-old content creator who found his calling in mobile strategy games. Hailing from Germany, this content creator has hosted and participated in countless eSports tournaments and amassed a significant following online. When not sharpening his skills, he loves being on the move, which is why he recently added the Momentum Voya E+ bike to his arsenal.

Jo Jonas, gaming entrepreneur

Meet the content creator with 1 million subs at just 23!

Jonas is no ordinary gaming influencer. His love for strategy mobile games like Brawl Stars, Clash Royale, and Clash of Clans has led to 1 million subscribers across his channels on YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, and more. Part of Jonas' success is attributed to his chill yet competitive nature, a unique mix. Despite starting his gaming journey at six years old, it wasn’t until 2017 when he began competing at the Clash Royale eSports tournaments, ranking top 32 in the whole of Europe - TWICE!  

Jonas' influencer career started at the same time. He wanted to share his journey by recording his gameplays with a screen-recording app and then uploading the videos to his YouTube channel. Always finding ways to improve, he started investing in new equipment and practicing his recording skills every day after school. Nowadays Jonas likes to livestream his friends and him competing against each other.

Jo Jonas, lifestyle

Small screen, big strategies

Most people think gamers lounge around all day, indulging in different types of entertainment when in fact it’s the opposite. For Jonas, gaming is all about problem-solving and using the right strategies for the right games. "I loved Clash Royale because you need to find your own strategies to beat your opponent and get good at it," explained Jonas.  

Even if mobile gaming takes place on a smaller screen, it doesn’t mean it’s any less competitive, easier, or fun than computer-based games. The cherry on top? Because mobile gaming is so convenient and accessible, Jonas has the freedom to be constantly on the move and stream whenever he’s in the flow.

Jonas’ life motto

Jonas’ competitiveness stems not only from his gaming career but also from his love of sports. His biggest hobbies are soccer, table tennis and athletics. Whether playing solo or with his friends, Jonas’ motto is to always keep improving while having fun at the same time. Growing up in Germany taught him the importance of finding balance in everything, just like how he approaches the content he develops and the way he manages his team. Part of the fun of attending or competing at eSports tournaments is also the travel and getting to meet people from all over the world. He’s the definition of "Work hard, Play hard!"

Jo Jonas

Gaming on the go: Jonas and his Momentum e-bike

When the pandemic hit, international travel came to a halt. For someone like Jonas who wanted to continue training his body and mind, he had to look closer to home - he turned to city adventures with his Momentum Voya E+ electric bike. Despite having a driver’s license, Jonas prefers riding: he can explore every avenue and alley, and take it easy, or go fast thanks to the e-bike’s pedal assist (especially when riding uphill). He soon discovered that riding gave him the same sense of independence and freedom as mobile gaming did, whether he went at it solo or with his crew. 

Commuting with his Voya E+ e-bike also came in handy. Enjoying the fresh air while on his way to meet his team gave him the motivation to create better content. In many ways, riding is like mobile gaming: it lets him gamify the process of achieving his fitness goals, which keeps him motivated and engaged. The Voya E+ really took e-bike commuting to the next level for him!

Jo Jonas rides on an e-bike

Find your thrill!

Mobile gaming and cycling might seem like two activities that have nothing in common. But they have more parallels than you think, and content creator Jonas is living proof. His love for strategy, technology, and desire to keep improving is the same approach athletes take towards pro cycling. The path of a gamer or athlete may not be for everyone, but we can all experience the same fun and freedom thanks to an e-bike!

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👾👾👾 Follow Jonas’ adventures at @JoJonasBrawlStars on YouTube or @JoJonaz on Twitch.