Throttle e-bike or pedal assisted e-bike? The difference explored.

The buzz in town revolves around the debate on whether throttle e-bikes outshine pedal assisted counterparts or vice versa. The problem is that they’re not an apples-to-apples comparison, and dozens of factors should be accounted for in the equation. Who’s riding? Where do they live? What does their lifestyle look like? What are their preferences? Is the e-bike a family affair? In this article, we dissect the pros and cons of each e-bike type to help you navigate through the jargon and confusion. Spoiler alert: both types of e-bikes are equally awesome.

What is a throttle E-bike?

Let’s start with throttle e-bikes, the epitome of convenience and power. A throttle e-bike, short for throttle-controlled electric bike, is a game-changer in the world of two-wheelers. Operating on e-battery power, these e-bikes come with two types of throttles: the twist (available in half or full twists) and the thumb throttle. The throttles are commonly found on e-bikes with hub motors at the rear, occasionally appearing alongside mid-drive motors.

Fun fact: throttle e-bikes double as regular pedal assist e-bikes, offering the best of both worlds. It is also worth noting that e-bikes fall into different classes and can be ridden in most states in the US and Canada.

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What is a pedal assist e-bike?

The pedal assist e-bike is the no less sleek and sophisticated sibling of the throttle e-bike. You can ride it like a conventional bicycle and engage any of its pedal assist levels, typically ranging from three to five, when you need a breather. Likewise, you can deactivate the pedal assist whenever you feel like it or whenever the e-battery runs out of power – flexibility at your fingertips.

The beauty of the pedal assist lies in its seamless integration with your pedaling cadence, thanks to the torque sensors. Offering a natural and enhanced biking experience, these e-bikes provide an extra push when needed. Additionally, pedal assist bikes are categorized into different classes based on the maximum assistance speed. Pedal assist e-bikes come with either a mid-drive or a hub motor, adding versatility to their performance.

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E-bike pedal assist vs throttle e-bike: Who is the winner?

When it comes to the dynamic debate between pedal assist electric bikes and throttle electric bikes, understanding these five key characteristics is essential:

Final verdict? There is no clear winner. The choice between pedal assist and throttle e-bikes depends on individual needs. However, here's an interesting twist: throttle e-bikes are, in essence, also pedal assist e-bikes! So, whether you're seeking to enjoy a leisurely ride, exercise, or a bit of both, electric bikes with throttle and pedal assist have you covered!

Opt for the best of both worlds: An e-bike with throttle and pedal assist!

Why settle for one when you can have the best of both worlds? Introducing our latest addition to the e-bike family, the Cito E+. With a half-twist throttle of up to 20mph and a pedal assist of up to 28mph, this versatile e-bike empowers you to choose your mode depending on the situation. Need to breeze through traffic without breaking a sweat? Throttle away. In a rush to reach your destination? Engage the highest pedal assist level. Craving a leisurely ride? Switch to Eco mode and enjoy the simplicity of cycling.

cito e+
cito e+
cito e+

But that's not all – the Cito E+ goes beyond flexibility. Custom configurations, a plethora of accessories, safety features including reliable brakes and a horn, a low-step (step-through) design for easy mounting, and a robust 400Wh battery  with all-new 22700 battery cells for improved efficiency make it a no-brainer choice.

Visit our site to explore the Cito E+ or Momentum’s extensive range of electric bikes. Whether you’re looking for a commuter, utility, or leisure e-bike, there’s a perfect e-bike for everyone.