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Save money commuting by bike!

Driving can be a convenient way to get around, but it’s not the cheapest or necessarily the fastest, especially if you live in a large and busy city like New York or Los Angeles. Costs can quickly build up when we factor in parking fees, toll rates, and skyrocketing fuel prices. Some cities like London even have emissions charges, which is good for the environment but not for your pocket if you own a car! 
Find out why cycling isn’t just one of the cheapest ways to commute, but also one of the smart ways to fight inflation and meet your financial goals like a pro.

The true costs of transportation

Let’s compare average fees for a car, public transport, and an electric bike to see the big picture. Your payments will either be a one-off fee or recurring fees. (Where we got our data: The numbers presented in this article are based on average US prices for New York City (NYC) as a point of reference as of 2021 unless stated. Please note every city is different.) 

One-time Fees

A new car like the Nissan Rogue, NYC’s most common car, will set you back around $27k, versus $2,500 for an e-bike. If you buy that same car on a popular second-hand market like, it’ll still cost between $15k to $21k, depending on the total miles driven. Meanwhile a second-hand e-bike on Craigslist could range between $500 and $1.2k, depending on the model. So, an obvious saving on your initial outlay – about 90% less than a car!

Recurring Fees

Recurring fees are inevitable when you own any type of vehicle. There are usually maintenance costs, taxes, insurance, parking, and don’t even get us started on fuel prices! All these things can add up to more than $7,000 per year for a car (as of 2021). When stacked up against public transport at $1,500 for an annual NYC subway and bus pass, a car is looking even more expensive. So, how does an a-bike compare?

An e-bike also needs maintenance but you won’t need to replace its components every year at least! And charging your e-bike only costs about $40 per year! Check out our article on the true cost of investing in an e-bike to see the full breakdown.

Ok, so e-bikes are clearly the most cost-effective option both short-term and long term. But is there a catch?


Debunking myths about e-bikes

1. Cars always save you time

Not so! It really comes down to where you’re driving and at what time of the day. When we calculated the actual distance covered and the time it would take to get from NYC’s MoMA Museum to the Pratt Institute during peak hours, a bike covered slightly more ground but got there faster than the car. And it’s much easier to look for parking for a bike!

2. Cycling is tiring

Not if you use Pedal Assist! Like any type of exercise, this depends on the route you pick and whether or not you use the va-va-voom from the e-bike's motor so it can do the hard work for you! You can choose to take it easy or turn it into a form of daily exercise if you want - anything goes, it's your bike!

3. Cars cover more range

Because our bikes, like the PakAway 1 and the Voya E+, are super lightweight or foldable, they’re easy to carry up and down subways and trains, which aren’t affected by traffic. So, technically you can get to your destination faster than by car by combining some pedal power and public transport for those cross-country meetings!

4. E-bikes aren’t eco friendly if you have to charge them

Our energy systems are still largely dependent on burning fossil fuels but they don’t emit greenhouse gases as diesel cars do. For every 1kg of CO2 emitted, a car holding one passenger could travel 3.9km while an e-bike could cover 67km! (Source)


What is the best commuter e-bike?

There are different types of bikes that are ideal for commuting based on where you live, your lifestyle, level of fitness, and even circumstances; for example, if you wanted to share your e-bike with your partner or kids. At Momentum, we made it our mission to design a complete range of bicycles and e-bikes to make a healthier lifestyle accessible to everyone.

Our foldable e-bikes like the PakAway 1 are ideal for city dwellers who have limited room at home or at work. Our PakYak E+ cargo electric bike is perfect for carrying heavy loads (children, pets, groceries – pretty much anything!) and it's so easy to maneuver. Our Transend E+ and Voya E+ e-bikes make perfect commuter bikes thanks to their super lightweight yet robust designs and their intuitive controllers. Our Vida E+ and LaFree E+ electric bikes make perfect leisure bikes for relaxing weekend rides and vibes.

Every bike and e-bike is complemented by an awesome line up of accessories for your convenience and style. Whether you need an extra battery or need to bring extra stuff (or your kids and pets along) – there’s a wide selection of accessories for every e-bike! Head over here to check them out or ask someone from our team for help.


Ready to roll?

Commuting by bike is back in fashion! It’s a smarter, more cost-effective, healthier, and fun way to move about. The majority of an e-bike's benefits rival those of a car – just ask your friends who own one! If you’re ready to start riding, learn more about e-bikes by reading our beginner guide to choosing your best e-bike or head over to a local store to speak with one of our reps. See you soon!