10 health benefits of riding an electric bike

image of a woman with an electric bike by her side

Electric bikes have long been touted as a much more environmentally friendly commuting option when compared to driving or taking public transport – but their health and wellbeing benefits are often overlooked.

There are so many benefits of bike riding and when you ride to work you can seriously level up your commute – and although it might not be as well known, these benefits can extend to electric bikes, too. An electric bike still has the potential to be an incredible workout, and while the pedal assist element can help your tired legs out in times of need, you will always have the option to up the intensity of your workout, too. It’s win-win!

If you’re looking for a new way to commute around town that benefits both your mind and body, as well as the environment, then don’t sleep on the amazing health benefits of riding an electric bike.

1. Electric Bikes Are a Low-Impact Form of Exercise

We know that compared to high-impact running and more intense forms of exercise, riding a bike is much kinder on your joint and bone health – and electric bikes are no exception. In fact, electric bikes are an even safer choice for those who are worried about joint pain and long-term harm to their knees – any time you feel like you need to pull back on how much energy you are exerting, you can always choose to let the ‘assist’ mode give you a little helping hand.

Investing in an electric bike as a form of exercise is investing in your long-term health. Trust us, your knees will thank you!

2. Riding a Pedal Assist E-Bike Is a Great Form of Cardiovascular Fitness

Cycling in general is a well-known form of cardio fitness. Putting effort into pedalling the bike will undoubtedly get your heart rate up, and this goes for electric bikes too, which still require effort and movement from the rider.

Depending on how much exactly you want to work your heart and lungs, you can choose to pedal harder to make the bike go faster – and you still have the option to put in less work while staying on the move. If you’re feeling especially energetic, you can always simply use the electric as a conventional bike, too, by not using the pedal assist.

3. Riding an E-Bike Lets You Top Up Your Vitamin D Levels

Since most people in the northern hemisphere are deficient in vitamin D, getting outside at any given opportunity is an easy way to soak up the sunshine vitamin. Being cooped up inside all day – whether that’s at work or on public transport – teamed with a busy schedule means that it can be unrealistic to get outside for long enough to get our daily dose of vitamin D.

But combining your vitamin D helping with your daily commute could be the perfect way to get it done. Not only do healthy levels of vitamin D help to boost your mood, but vitamin D is also crucial for maintaining healthy bones, too.

4. Even Pedal Assist E-Bikes Can Be a Form of Resistance Training!

Anyone who’s been on a long cycle or a spin class can tell you that putting in the work in the saddle will get your legs burning and building your muscular endurance just as much as leg day at the gym.

If you’re looking for a form of resistance training to work your lower body, look no further than your E-Bike – use ‘assist’ mode to your advantage to determine just how much you want those glutes and quads firing up. Another great way of squeezing in some exercise for the time-poor.

5. Moving Around with an E-Bike Can Boost Your Brain Health

If you’ve ever looked into ways to improve your mental wellbeing, you’re sure to have come across recommendations to fit regular meditation into your schedule. While cycling might not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of meditation, it can be a form of ‘moving meditation’.

What’s that exactly? Moving meditation involves focusing on the movements of your body or breath and bringing awareness to your body. Doing so can help to calm the mind and is a great alternative to those who find it hard to focus during sitting or still meditation.

6. Riding an E-Bike Can Challenge Your Core

While sitting in the saddle may not work your core strength quite as much as a dedicated session of planks and deadbugs at the gym, getting on the electric bike will still get your core to work – and because it’s needed for balance and stability in assisting the rest of the body, it’ll give you a functional core workout to boot, too.

Your abs might not be burning after your daily commute on your electric bike, but you’ll still be keeping that core alive and strong.

7. It Can Lower Stress Levels

Let’s face it – whether it’s work, family or general life woes getting you down, we could all do with a little bit of de-stressing. If you don’t know where to start, sometimes it really is as easy as hopping on your electric bike and heading to the great outdoors to clear your mind.

It might not seem like much but breathing in some fresh air and getting the blood flowing – even if it’s just minimal movement and letting ‘assist’ mode do exactly what it says on the tin – can work wonders for reducing those stress levels in no time.

8. A Daily Commute Provides a Consistent Training Routine

We’ve all been there – one minute you’re feeling incredibly motivated to get fit and sign up for a year’s gym membership, then two weeks down the line motivation has waned and the gym membership is doing nothing but costing you money.

The most effective way to work out is by doing something consistently, so what better than your essential daily commute to and from work? The electric bike is the perfect answer – you don’t have to commit to a full-on bike ride thanks to ‘assist’ mode, but you’ll still be squeezing in some exercise every day while getting yourself to work – which you have to do anyway!

9. It Can Help You Recover from an Intense Workout

For those who are serious about their physical exercise, going on a leisurely cycle can be a great way to incorporate active recovery into your training regime. An electric bike could take this to the next level – you’ll still be getting a recovery ride in, but you’ll be able to bring the intensity down even further using ‘assist’ mode, depending on how intense the rest of your training week has been.

10. A Pedal Assist E-Bike Lets You Take Care of Injuries

If you’re dealing with any pains and niggles in your body, using an e-bike is a great way to keep your body moving and benefitting from regular exercise without the risk of aggravating those injuries.

Deciding how much stress you put on your body by modifying how much effort you put into pedalling can end up being the difference between overstraining an injury and protecting it from reaching that stage. If you feel any flare-ups coming on, just pull back on your pedal power and let that ‘assist’ mode help you out!


Electric bikes have hugely shot to popularity in recent years and the benefits above make it easy to see why. But with this surge in popularity comes a world of information and options that can be overwhelming to say the least.

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