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Before we get into the real details, Bike Exchange bestowed this accolade on the Voya E+3: "It is easily one of the most refined, accessible and well-rounded bikes at its price point. Simply put, it competes with bikes costing twice as much and is well worth spending the extra couple hundred dollars to step up from a white label option occupying the same price range, in our honest opinion. So, if you’re looking for a bike to use for your day-to-day, assisted or not, this is one ride seriously worth adding to your garage and your life."

Seriously stylish – and comfy!

We know, we know, now you just *have* to know what else they said! ‘First impressions of the bike were strong; the Asphalt Green colourway is an absolute winner in our books, leading to an aesthetic that makes you second guess the thing is electrically assisted in the first place,’ and if you’re not just *all* about the visuals, they think the ride is pretty sweet too: ‘The mechanical components supplied by Shimano and Tektro were flawless during our review period and are well suited to the bike's intended usage. Touchpoints on the Voya are all in-house offerings (except for the saddle) and are finished in a tan color that compliments the deep paint scheme. Selle Royal offers the saddle and is aimed at an upright to athletic riding position, which suits the bike's geometry well. I found it to be supremely comfortable; as a matter of fact, I’d go as far to say it’s the most comfortable commuter saddle I've perched on in the last few years.

The riding experience

If you’re after a hybrid style then try the Voya E+: "The Voya e+ leans towards the hybrid end of the spectrum, blending speed and comfort. The Voya, with its semi-athletic position and step head angle, had a supremely maneuverable ride and was easy to handle at low speeds. At the same time, the increased weight from the drive unit and battery system provided a nice mix of stability and comfort when surpassing the assisted speed limit of 25kph."

Close up on the tech: the motor

So, what did they think about the Voya E+’s hub-driven motor? "I was pleasantly surprised by the unit's performance. It’s by far the most refined hub-drive unit I’ve ridden, offering a linear power delivery that rivals that shown by mid-drive units. The unit doesn’t suffer from an overcorrected surge in assistance like most over hub-drive motors on the market. Instead, it feels like a natural addition to the power being output by your legs rather than replacing it." The continue: "With 250 watts and 25Nm of torque on offer, combined with the 18kg total weight of the bike, there’s an ample amount of assistance to tackle just about any terrain you’re likely to encounter in the urban landscape."

Minimalist display

Known for its sleek aesthetic, Bike Exchange explained how the Voya E+ is controlled: "The motor is controlled by a frame-integrated LED display and power mode setting. While the lack of a display may be a turn off for some potential buyers, the unit is easy to use... and the bike is compatible with ANT+ wireless displays. As previously mentioned, we liked the minimalist aesthetic, so we were unphased by this."

To read the full review visit Bike Exchange’s website https://www.bikeexchange.com.au/blog/momentum-voya-e3-ebike-review

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