Cinnamon Baking & Autumnal Bike Rides

Ideas for you and your bike this season

‘Tis the season for cinnamon buns, pumpkin spiced lattes & lots of time spent cycling amongst glowing, falling leaves. Oh yes, it’s Autumn. My most favourite season and with the new addition of my e-bike, one of the best yet. 

Perhaps you are thinking of what to do now that summer has ended and Christmas is just round the corner. Or maybe you are slowing down from all of the excitement of weddings, baby showers & more. In this article I will share some ways you can enjoy this transitional period, whilst spending lots of time outdoors on your bike. 

Ticking off a few things from the list above, I spent an afternoon baking some gluten free & vegan cinnamon rolls to enjoy with my apple & hazelnut rooibos tea. I packed my bike bag & rode to the nearest lake - it was lovely!

See the Cinnamon Roll Recipe for yourself: (I used the Gluten Free Just Roll)

I encourage you to grab your helmet and go riding this Autumn. You won’t regret moving your body & the scenery is sure to be pleasant. Studies show that during the winter months, our levels in Vitamin D drop significantly, more so for people of darker skin tones. Immune systems also need more of a boost as the temperatures drop, so exercising whilst exposing ourselves to as much natural light as possible, is going to be helpful for us all

Let us know how you go your way during this season, & tag us in your activities on Instagram @momentumbikinguk #goyourway