Cool Hunting says it time to ditch your car for this e-bike...

Combining the expertise of Momentum’s design and build, and Yamaha’s motor, Cool Hunting were keen to test ride our PakYak E+ cargo e-bike to see if it could ever replace a car.

It’s a liberating experience!

Thanks to the PakYak E+’s five assist modes, mid-drive motor and 80Nn of torque, Cool Hunting found the launch: ‘smooth and powerful’ and were even more impressed by its market-leading 45km/h top speed, which makes ‘rolling it on gravel paths, on the street, and on dedicated bike lanes quickly feel natural - and fun’. The credits kept coming: ‘It’s a liberating kind of experience to still get plenty of exercise, but also go further and faster,’ we can’t disagree there!

Impressive payload

Our PakYak E+ is famous for the impressive load it can carry, and Cool Hunting put it to the test: ‘we put a 18kg folding bike on the back, and the ride experience barely changed... the 45kph top speed wasn’t an issue.’

As a bike with a weighty payload capacity, it’s designed to be seriously sturdy and safe and Cool Hunting were quick to notice these clever features: 'One wise feature is a stout, motorcycle-style center stand. This (unlike a kickstand) uprights the bike straight. That’s perfect for that sort of heft maneuver, loading and unloading wares, and locking it up. It’s not going to tip over, ever, unless you forget to use the center stand.’ The PakYak E’s ‘excellent oversized, 203mm rotor disc brakes,’ got a mention too: ‘even with all this extra baggage, it stopped safely and quickly. Another test ride was in the pouring rain and the brakes still worked great.’

Great range options

If you’re looking to swap out your car, then range is always an important factor and Cool Hunting put it to the test: ‘Riders can purchase and carry a second battery to double the range, but the average commuter isn’t exceeding 32 km on a round trip. Plus, Momentum’s battery recharges in 3.8 hours, which is less than half the time for a lot of e-bikes.’

It’s a ‘mind changing vehicle’, don’t you know!

Cool Hunting helpfully rounded up *all* the things they loved about the Pakyak E+: ‘It comes loaded: an onboard, lockable storage bin, lights, fenders, a USB port for your phone and a remote adjustable seat (which makes lowering and raising the reach to the pedals quickly adaptable to a multi-rider household). Some might prefer the bike to be lighter and shorter, but then it wouldn’t be as stable when fully laden, defeating the barge-like capability. In fact, this isn’t so much a car replacement, as a mind-changing vehicle.’

To read the full review visit Cool Hunting>> https://coolhunting.com/tech/test-ride-momentums-pakyak-e-bike/

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