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Did you know that not all electric bikes are made the same?

There are two types, those with a throttle and those with pedal assist. E-bikes with a throttle get you from A to B with barely any need to pedal at all.

Similarly to a motorbike, when activated (usually with either a twist grip or simple button on handlebars) these throttles give you the power to be on your way without the need to pedal.

However, due to European laws, throttle bikes are only legal in the UK if they go as fast as walking pace. Anything faster than this will be classed as a motorbike and therefore, would require road tax and motor insurance.

A pedal assist electric bike, however, works a little differently and is the perfect option for those who are still after the feeling of riding a more conventional bike.

An e-bike with pedal assist feels like riding a normal bike but it gives you so much more power! Put simply, you can still get pedalling, but if you need a little boost, the E-bike’s got you.

Continue reading as we discuss the main benefits of a pedal assist electric bike…

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Pedal assist E-bikes feel like a 'normal' bike

Pedal assist e-bikes, however, work much like conventional bikes, so are a great choice for those who enjoy cycling – the difference is that they come with an ‘assist’ mode that provides a boost as you pedal. In many ways, it feels like riding a bike, but you just get way more power as you pedal. What’s not to love about that?

Pedal assist E-bikes provide super health benefits

Most pedal assist e-bikes are a little more advanced than that, though, and may come with various levels of assist, so you can control just how much of that boost you get and how much hard work you’re required to put in yourself. For this reason, they’re a great option for anyone who wants a practical commuting buddy without losing the health and fitness benefits of cycling.

Pedal assist E-bikes have different levels of assist.

Many pedal assist e-bike brands, such as Momentum, use battery-powered ‘assist’ modes. Put simply, when you pedal on one of these bikes, you are assisted by a small motor that engages to give you the boost you need – whether that’s to get over a hill that’s just a little too steep or to zip to your destination a little quicker. The harder you pedal the more boost you get, so the ride feels as natural and intuitive as ever.

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Why are pedal assist E-bikes so popular?

For anyone who’s looking to get the fix and feel of a regular bike ride but could do with the bonus boost every now and then, a pedal-assist electric bike could be just what you’re after. But if you need a little more convincing, check out the other reasons e-bikes are such a growing trend:

1. It’s sweat-free

If you’re looking for a new way to commute to work but cycling at a high intensity would leave you way too hot, bothered and sweaty to slip into the office once you’ve arrived, a pedal assist e-bike could be the perfect solution. You’ll still be able to cycle to work, but you won’t arrive at the office a hot sweaty mess! Thanks to the assist mode, you’ll exert just that little bit less energy on your way – enough to keep you dry and ready for those meetings right away.

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2. Makes Tricky Terrain a Breeze

Conventional bikes are a great way to get around if you’re surrounded by flat roads, but if your surroundings are a little choppier then you might want a little boost now and then. Pedal assist e-bikes can get you through terrain that might require a little more effort than just pedal power alone - whether that’s gravel or a dirt road.

3. Hills Won’t Faze You

There is nothing worse than enjoying a lovely ride and then hitting an unexpected hill of doom. Ever been halfway up only to question whether your legs can take you all the way? With pedal assist you’ll never have to worry about making it to the top, get that ‘assist’ mode on your side and you’ll be over the top before you know it – minus the lactic acid build-up in your legs!

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4. It's a Great Low-Impact Cardio Exercise

Pedalling yourself around town even with assist mode can be a great workout. Not only does the pedalling – just like with a conventional bicycle – work wonders for your core muscular endurance in the legs, but it’s still a challenge for the heart and lungs, making it a popular choice for anyone after a little cardiovascular exercise. You can also choose your level of pedal assistance depending on how much work you feel like doing that day.

5. It’s a Greener Choice For Your Daily Commute

For the environmentally conscious who want to choose a mode of transport that has little impact on our planet, but can’t quite commit to fully cycling to and from work, electric bikes are a perfect compromise that can help you get further than a regular bike could. You’re able to cover far more distance than a regular bike, which means if your workplace is too far to cycle, walk or run, the electric bike has you covered.