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This is what Electric Bike Review had to say when they tested Momentum’s lightweight commuter e-bike, the Voya E+: "I enjoyed riding the bike, even unassisted, they executed the sporty lightweight design very well. The stem spacers, riser handlebar, and saddle are on point...and having three frame sizes to choose from really makes a difference, since it only comes in high-step."

A great "natural ride feel"

"Zippy and capable," sums up our Voya E+ well. EBR found our "hardware choices ensure reduced weight, efficient rolling, and a more natural ride feel in part due to the torque sensing controller." They continued: "for me, it felt like 200% of what my own body is capable of when climbing. It’s a good platform for active sporty riding, and Momentum sells a range of hardware accessories for commuting too."

Super-versatile accessories and upgrades

EBR rated the set up and the ‘potential for many utility upgrades. "All-aluminum frame and fork includes mounting points for a front rack, rear rack, two bottle cages, and fenders!" "I really appreciate the mounts, because they add a lot of utility and potential for creativity that would otherwise be missed and is often not present on lighter road bikes." All of this means the Voya E+ is super versatile, whether you’re commuting or off for a sporty ride.

If you do want to personalize and accessorize your Voya E+ then it can handle it. The bike has a "great total weight rating of 156kg!" What does that mean? "So, if you subtract the weight of the bike from this number, the bike can handle about 136kg including rider and any accessories and gear you add. This is above average."

Serious attention to detail

Even though the Voya E+ has an above average total weight rating, the bike itself is lightweight and benefits from our attention to detail on lightweight parts and design. EBR found the Voya E+ frame "well balanced front to rear; I was able to lift and balance the frame by holding the top tube near the center (just in front of the saddle nose). The hub motor only weighs 1.7kg according to the Momentum specs, and the battery is positioned low and center in the downtube for a low center of gravity."

It’s fun!

When it comes to the ride itself, EBR were equally impressed: "The bike is fun to pedal even when it's unpowered, and the 9-speed drivetrain offers many comfortable cadence options." "An efficient 250-watt planetary geared hub motor delivers up to 25nm of torque; and the motor controller measures pedal cadence, pedal torque, rear wheel speed, and motor output to provide a natural, responsive feel."

It doesn’t look like an e-bike but it behaves like one!

It continues: "The motor was fairly quiet, responded very quickly because of the four-sensor design, and is small and hidden visually. The bike almost doesn’t seem electric, it’s very stealthy and blends in… I feel like it could level the playing field for people of different ages and abilities to keep up on hills, in the wind, or on longer journeys."

It’s not just the motor that’s designed seamlessly into the frame, "the battery pack is completely hidden inside the downtube," too. We’re proud of our premium batteries produced in collaboration with Panasonic, and EBR were quick to point out their performance and two-year warranty: "The battery packs use premium Panasonic cells that are known for being near the top in terms of reliability and overall lifespan."

Expert speed test

It’s always one of the first questions people ask when buying an e-bike, so just how fast can the Voya E+ go? EBR put the Voya E+ to the speed test: "Even though the motor system is designed for Class 1 32kph top speeds, the bike can easily be pedaled faster. The gearing is comfortable beyond 32kph, and the shifters are easy to reach and actuate. I like that the low shift lever has a rubberized pad, and both use thumb activation vs. pointer finger, so you can keep your fingers on the brakes at all times."

While you’re clocking up your top speeds, you’ll be reassured that EBR agrees that "the stock tires are great". "They are e-bike rated for high-speed use, have puncture protection, and offer reflectivity for safety." And, combined with "the Tektro hydraulic disc brakes with a decent 160mm rotor and standard dual piston caliper, which stay cleaner than rim brakes, and are easier to actuate," you’re looking at an e-bike designed to safely get you around at high speeds.

 Props to Momentum’s retailers

EBR were super impressed by the network of Momentum retailers so you can try the different Voya models and frame sizes easily: "The vast network of dealers means that you get in-person advice, fitting, post-purchase tune-ups and warranty support. This should not be overlooked if you ride frequently or have limited experience with bike tools, even though it does add to the price of the initial purchase. I believe that the electronics are IPX6 rated against dust and water, so the bike should be extra durable."

To read the full review visit Electric Bike Review >> https://electricbikereview.com/momentum/voya-e-plus-3/

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