Why should you ride a Momentum E-bike

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Sure, E-bikes are cool, but Momentum E-bikes are on a whole other level! With incredible technology and awesome colours to choose from, there's plenty of cool electric bikes for sale!

We design our E-bikes with the rider at the forefront of our minds! Whether you want to commit to commuting or spend more leisurely time in the great outdoors, we want to help you go your way. 

What E-bike's are available from Momentum?

Here at Momentum, we have 4 different E-bikes for sale. We have the Vida E+Transend E+, Voya E+ and PakYak E + - curious about which bike would be best for you? Keep on reading as we outline the uses and benefits of these 4 pedal assist bikes.

Explore the world around you on the Vida E+

The Vida E+ GTS is the perfect choice for weekend rides with friends, family and even furry friends! This bike was built with your adventures in mind, whether you want to cruise with friends, find a new café, or see more of your favourite city in a whole new way - the Vida E+ GTS will be your new best friend. 

Switch up your daily commute with the Transend E+

Committed to commuting by bike? Your daily commute just got a little better… The Transend E+ is easy to ride, easy to use and available in a range of colours. This city bike was built for everyday adventures. Sick of turning up at work in a flustered state? Worry no more as this totally amazing E-bike is ready for your speedy and sweat-free journeys. 

Get ready for your next adventure with the PakYak E+

This is for all the adventure-seeking cyclists out there, we have the bike of your dreams ready and waiting to explore the world. The PakYak E+ is the ultimate cargo utility bike. Combining powerful pedal support, innovative design and great range, it’s never been easier to ride rather than drive. Bring home the shopping, take your children to school or pack all the gear you need for a weekend adventure, the PakYak E+ E-bike is the bike that thinks it’s a car!

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What are the benefits of riding an E-bike?

Where do we start? There’s a number of benefits on offer, from reduced carbon emissions, to cost savings, to physical and mental health improvements. In this blog post, we are going to explore all of these reasons and more…

Promoting cleaner air and noise reduction

Not only do electric bikes help combat climate change issues, but they also contribute to cleaner air quality. Imagine pedalling through city streets, leaving a trail of fresh air in your wake. Plus, with their super-quiet motors, E-bikes give noise pollution the cold shoulder. Say goodbye to honking horns and hello to a more peaceful journey.

Physical fitness improvement through active riding

If anyone tells you that electric bicycles are cheating, please do us a big favour and ignore them… Sure, pedal assist E-bikes provide that extra boost when you need it, but you're still squeezing a workout into your daily routine. Pedalling away on an E-bike engages your leg muscles, gets your heart pumping, and improves your overall cardiovascular fitness.

E-bikes and mental health benefits

It's not just your physical health that benefits from E-bike rides; your mental well-being gets a boost too. The freedom and joy of cruising on an E-bike can put a smile on your face from the get go while simultaneously easing the stresses of daily life. Whether you're zipping through your favourite forest trails or navigating charming city streets, the sense of adventure and freedom that comes with riding an assisted bike can really enhance your mood and outlook.

Urban commuting efficiency

Sick of spending your time sitting in rush hour traffic? Fear not, electric bicycles are here to save the day. Easily manoeuvre through designated cycling lanes, passing crowds of traffic with ease. With an E-bike, your daily commute becomes a breeze, leaving you more time to enjoy the things that truly matter to you.

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Is finance available on Momentum E-bikes?

V12 Retail finance: We've partnered with V12 Retail Finance to provide a range of finance options to suit all budgets. All bikes are available on 0% finance, we just require a minimum deposit of 10%, with payments spread over a period of 6 – 48 months. 

Klarna: We have flexible finance options to suit all budgets so that you can buy a Momentum bike now and then pay over a range of monthly instalments. All Klarna finance options require just a 10% deposit made at the point of purchase. Click here for further information surrounding our finance options.

Where and how can I buy a Momentum E-bike?

With over 50 bike shops around the UK, it’s super easy to find your nearest Momentum retailer. You can either place an order online or in-store and select the most convenient shop to collect from. Want to try before you buy? We’ve got you covered. Head over to our bike hiring page and book your test ride today.

Our super helpful and professional retail network will be on hand to support your test experience, helping you select the perfect bike for your needs. This could be the perfect way to find out if you should opt for a Vida E+, Transend E+, Voya E+ or PakYak E+. Who’s excited to join the E-bike revolution then? 

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