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How far can I ride on a charge?

There are many variables when it comes to how far one charge will take you, but in the best conditions you can get as far as 105 miles/ 170km.

What affects how far I can ride on a charge?

The range can be affected by a number of factors but the key ones to keep an eye on are:

Assistance Level - The higher the assistance the more battery power required which reduces range.

Terrain - More battery power is required if your route is hilly which means range will be affected.

Luggage etc. - If you’re carrying luggage or shopping on the bike, the additional weight will mean the motor will have to work harder which in turn reduces how far a charge will take you.

Weather - In adverse weather conditions, especially when it is very windy, you would need to keep an eye on the battery level as the system will have to work harder to keep running smoothly. 

What if I run out of charge?

No need to worry. All Momentum e-bikes are still rideable even if you run out of charge, you will just be without the pedal assistance.

How do I charge the battery on my bike?

The battery can be charged either on or off the bike. Simply plug in the supplied charger and away you go. In just 2 hours you’ll be back up to 80% capacity.

How fast can I go on a Momentum bike?

All electric bikes in the UK are limited to 15.5mph/ 25kph for safety reasons. However, we’ve found this is the perfect speed for cruising around town or avoiding traffic on the daily commute.

Can I test ride before I buy?

Yes, and we’d actively encourage you to get a feel of the bike before you buy. If you check in with your local Momentum Hub you’ll be able to organise it with them directly.

How can I work out what size I need?

If you’re not able to test ride before purchasing, our handy sizing guide can be found on the product pages - simply select a bike, and scroll down to view the bike's sizing chart.

Can I use a different saddle?

Definitely! Any saddle with a standard two rail system can be mounted on a Momentum electric bike. And if you want a seriously comfy bike seat, then check out our upgraded 3D comfort saddle option for an even more luxurious riding experience.

Collections & Returns

When I collect my bike, what documentation do I need to bring?

You'll need to make sure you have your order confirmation plus a valid driving license or passport matching your name.

What is the Momentum returns policy?

We hope you love your new Momentum bike, however, if you wish to return it, you have up to 28 days to return it from the date you receive the bike. 

Any returned items need to be clean and have only undergone reasonable wear and tear to establish that it was not suitable for the intended purpose*.

To start a return, email us at or call us on 0808 175 1350.

Once our Rider Support team confirms your request, you can then return the unwanted item to the Momentum Hub where the order was collected (or in the case of home delivery, to the Momentum Hub who delivered your order).

For orders paid by debit card, credit card or PayPal, a full refund for the returned item/s will be initiated back to the payment method within 3-5 days.

For orders using Klarna, any debited monies will be debited back to your payment card within 7 days.

*Where the value of an item has been reduced as a result of the handling and/or use of the product, beyond what is necessary to establish their nature, characteristics and functioning, we may either deduct an amount equal to any loss in value of the item from any refund due to you or recover such amount from you, as a debt from you to us.

Warranty & Registration

How do I register my Momentum electric bike?

Head over to our Bike Registration page and follow the simple instructions to get your bike registered in no time.

If anything goes wrong with the bike, what cover do I have?

All our bike frames come with a lifetime bike warranty; and there is a 2-year warranty on the bike’s electronics. To make any warranty process quick and easy, we highly recommend that you register your bike.

What is the warranty on a Momentum electric bike?

All our bike frames come with a lifetime bike warranty; and there is a 2-year warranty on the bike’s electronics.

Maintenance & Repairs

How often should I service my Momentum electric bike?

For regular maintenance, we recommend taking your Momentum electric bike to a Momentum Hub to do a motor and battery status check after every 2,000 kilometres or 1,200 miles. 

To keep your electric bike in great working order between services, aim to clean your bike on a regular basis to make sure water and mud don’t get into the motor and/or battery, which could affect the performance. 

To swerve any plan-cancelling issues, it’s good to get into the habit of checking the bike chain, tyres and brakes before every ride, too.

Does cold weather affect the battery?

Yes is the short answer! To get the most from your battery, we recommend using it in temperatures between 0°C and 40°C. If the weather is too cold, the battery will easily shut down or slow down. 

It’s best to avoid temperature extremes both while riding, charging, or even keeping it stored. Although our battery has passed extreme temperature tests, charging below 0°C or above 40°C (32°F/104 °F) can lead to insufficient charging and harm the battery life cycle.

When should I replace my tyres?

Tyres can wear out gradually with use due to contact with the road. In general, we suggest replacing your tyres annually or checking them after every 3,000 kilometres or 1,800 miles.

You can use the tread wear indicators to check the status of your tyres: If the tread wear indicators have nearly disappeared, then it’s time to replace your tyre as it’s reached the end of its lifetime.

If my bike frame develops a crack, what should I do?

Stop riding it immediately and book your bike into your nearest Momentum Hub, for an examination. The Hub will contact the Momentum Warranty Department and arrange a replacement if it is warranted. Take a proof of purchase with you.

How do I look after my battery?

Battery care is super-important to make sure you get consistently good performance from your bike. Here are some handy tips.

1.Treat it well

Most battery problems occur when it has been left unused for too long. Aim to take the battery off the bike after every ride; not only is this important for safety, it’ll also extend the battery’s life. 

2.Watch the temperature

When you charge the battery, make sure the temperature is between 0°C and 40°C - this is a stable charging situation for it. If your electric bike won’t be used for over a month, please store the battery at 60% of its capacity (3 out of 5 charging LEDs) and also make sure it’s in a safe, dry, and climate-controlled space. 

3.Charge it up!

Last but not least, you should charge your battery at least once every three months. Failing to do so could void the warranty.

How do I clean an e-bike?

You can clean your Momentum bike as you would any other just ensuring that you avoid getting too much water on or near the electrical components. There are also a number of e-bike specific cleaners on the market which are worth looking into.

Your Account

How do I create an account?

To create an account, head over to Account Registration page. Once you’ve set up your account, you can update your details using the My Momentum Account section of our site. Here you can manage your addresses, payment cards and track your orders.

How do I change my personal information?

You can easily update your name, phone number, email address, and password. Please log in to My Momentum Account.

Go to the profile section and click on 'Edit' next to your registered information. Make sure you save changes so that your new personal information will be stored!

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