Can you ride and pedal an electric bike like a normal bike?

Absolutely! An e-bike lets you ride further, faster, and with less effort. Once you’ve tried one, you’ll never look back! 

Trends come and go. But electric bikes are here to stay and here’s why: Firstly, lithium-ion batteries are becoming smaller, cheaper, and more efficient – perfect for small vehicles like e-bikes. Secondly, the pandemic really made us rethink our lives and people are now turning to cycling for commuting and health reasons. Thirdly, local governments are increasing bike-sharing programs as part of their efforts to make our cities more eco-friendly. And if you need more convincing, according to NPD Group, Americans bought more than twice as many e-bikes compared to normal bicycles between 2019 and 2020! That’s saying something.

Riding an e-bike without using its motor 

Without getting too technical, e-bikes are essentially bikes with a motor. Depending on the model, the battery pack or packs can be removed to lighten the load. And if you want to leave them in place, you can simply turn off the motor whenever you want. The choice is 100% yours. Riding without the motor is a great way to fit some exercise into your day, like riding home from work if you don’t manage to get to the gym. Generally, it’s best to ride on flat and smooth surfaces.

Do keep in mind that when the battery dies and if we happen to have forgotten to charge it before leaving the house, the e-bike will feel slightly heavier when you pedal manually. But if you’re already used to handling a little resistance when training with stationary bikes at home or at the gym, riding an e-bike without its motor will be a piece of cake!

Electric bike, Can you pedal an electric bike, electric bikes

How the motor works and why it’s a game changer 

So, what makes an e-bike physically different to a normal bike? In short: the motor, the battery, and the controller. The controller can be attached to either the stem or somewhere on the bike frame that’s easy to access for the rider. The battery pack is usually close to the motor, and the motor is connected to the back wheel and the pedals – like with Voya E+. Essentially, the controller tells the motor what the rider wants, and the motor draws power from the battery to boost the back wheel to make it easier for the rider to pedal. These three components are designed into the bike in a way that the e-bike actually looks like a normal bike from afar, only they’re waaay more powerful.

As a general rule of thumb, the higher the number of Watts (W), Newton-meters (Nm) and Watt-hours (Wh), the faster and further we can go. Up to a certain limit of course! There are different regulations per country or even cities, so we do recommend speaking with the local sales team or checking with your local city council for more guidance.

We’ve put together a beginner’s guide to help you pick the best e-bike for you.

Electric bike, Can you pedal an electric bike, electric bikes

Pedaling modes for every mood

Most e-bikes offer three to five pedaling modes, ranging from manual to fully automated. The Voya E+ for instance, offers three manual power level modes and a Smart Assist mode (auto mode). For our environmentally conscious friends, most e-bikes come with an eco-mode, which helps you find a balance between leg power and pedal assist, while using the least amount of power possible. This means your battery will last longer and you’ll be able to save long-term costs if you like using the motor.

Cycling in manual mode is great if you want to get more of a workout in when you’re using your e-bike; or when you’re riding on flat roads. The Voya E+ however is light enough for anyone to ride easily in manual mode, so check it out before you reach for the assist!

Whether you’re exhausted, the road is rough, or you’re carrying a whole bunch of stuff - or you just want to take it easy (no judgement here!), you might as well use auto mode to help you get to your destination faster and without breaking a sweat! There’s a mode for whatever you need, on any given day of the week!

E-bikes give you the versatility to ride wherever and however you want. Whether you’re commuting to work, carrying groceries, fitting some exercise into your day or simply out and about for a bit of fresh air – there’s a mode for every occasion. Momentum e-bikes come in all shapes, sizes, stylish colors, and matching accessories, so why not pop into your local store to test ride them? You won’t regret it, we promise!

Did you know?

E-bikes encourage you to cycle more, not less! There are studies that show people ride at least twice as much on an e-bike compared to a traditional bicycle? Most people think riders will get lazy and use the motor all the time but in fact it’s the opposite! Hear a first-hand experience from Bryce Laduc, who experiences her adventures with her two dogs Arlo and Finn!