Commuting Together: Electric Bikes with a Passenger Seat

All good things are meant to be shared. In this article, we're breaking barriers by introducing why e-bike passenger seats are a must! Many may question the safety and practicality of carrying an extra rider, but we're here to change your mind. Say goodbye to old ways and explore the joy of shared rides and experiences on two wheels. Read on as we unveil the versatility and thrill of e-bikes designed for companionship, proving that the road is best traveled together!

Wearing helmets

Is it legal to carry a passenger on an electric bike?

Passenger e-bikes are your ticket to having fun with friends or loved ones anywhere, just as long as you play it safe. Remember to suit up with helmets for both rider and passenger, no matter how old you are or what e-bike class you're cruising on. And, of course, make sure your e-bike has a comfy spot for your co-pilot! As a rule of thumb, carrying a passenger on an electric bike is usually legal. But before you hit the road, brush up on local regulations—like in Alberta, Canada, where riders under 16 aren't allowed to carry passengers. Let's keep the adventures rolling, safely!

The perks of e-bikes that carry passengers

E-bikes with passenger seats offer convenience, sustainability, and companionship! Thanks to today’s cutting-edge and powerful e-bike motors, the burden of carrying heavy loads or navigating extended distances is now an afterthought, ensuring a stress-free and easy-breezy journey for both rider and passenger.

Electric bikes aren’t just an excellent way for individuals and society to do their part in curbing greenhouse gas emissions and noise pollution, but they also promote a healthier lifestyle. Whether commuting to work or exploring the city, e-bikes can be cost-effective and practical mobility solutions, particularly for everyday commuters who cover less than 10 miles (16km) a day. The ease of parking is also a plus, sparing riders the headache of hunting for those elusive parking spots.

E-bikes that carry passengers not only redefine urban commuting but also create unforgettable shared experiences. Ready to explore? Read up on the true cost of investing in an e-bike and how much money can be saved by commuting by bike! You won’t regret it, we promise.

How to choose the right electric bike with a passenger seat

Selecting your ideal e-bike can feel overwhelming, but considering key factors can simplify your decision-making process.
Here's what to look for.

By evaluating these key factors, you can confidently choose an e-bike that aligns perfectly with your lifestyle, offering both practicality and comfort for your journeys ahead.

People riding safely with the right gears

Keep your loved ones safe with the right bike gears

When it comes to keeping the passenger safe and cozy, there's more to just plopping them on the passenger seat, be it an e-bike with a back seat, long seat, or 2 child seats. It's all about the right gear and a dash of customization! Take a peek at Momentum utility bikes, the Swiss Army knives of e-bikes that offer a treasure trove of add-ons. Think wheel guards, footrests, child seats, passenger bars, and even front racks for extra cargo. It's not just about safety but tailoring your ride to ensure every journey is a delightful adventure for both you and your trusty co-pilot.

Momentum’s best electric bikes with passenger seat

Choosing the best electric bike with a passenger seat boils down to your unique requirements and preferences. Among the top contenders are Momentum's utility e-bikes: the Cito E+ and the Pakyak E+.

Cito E+

The Cito E+ boasts impressive versatility, accommodating loads of up to 132lb (~60kg) on its rear rack, making it an ideal choice for various passenger combinations or cargo needs. With features like its throttle assist of up to 20mph and pedal assist of up to 28mph, customizable configurations, and robust safety features, it's a true game-changer in urban commuting. Check out its colorways here.

Pakyak E+

On the other hand, the Pakyak E+ is a powerhouse equipped with a SyncDrive Pro mid-frame motor, 500 Wh battery (with the option to add an auxiliary battery!), and ample cargo space capable of carrying up to 101lb (~46kg). Whether shuttling kids to school or hauling groceries, its solid performance and practical design make it a standout option. Check out its breadth of accessories here.