Unlocking the Power: What is a Throttle on an E-bike?

Throttle e-bikes are the ultimate combo of power and convenience. Whether you're commuting to work, running errands, or exploring a new area, throttle ebikes are a fast and fun way to get around. Just twist the throttle and go, it’s as simple as that. Let’s go, Cito E+! 

throttle e-bike

What is a throttle on an e-bike?

You might know what a pedal assist e-bike is but what is a throttle electric bike – and how are they different? Unlike pedal assist, throttle e-bikes don't need you to pedal for the motor to engage and move the bike forward. However, what really sets them apart is their versatility: you can still use the e-bike's pedal assist or just treat it like a regular bike. A throttle ebike can easily transition between modes based on the terrain or your preference, offering the ultimate riding experience.

The advantages of throttle-controlled electric bikes

There are lots of pros to throttle e-bikes. With full control over speed and power, you'll easily adapt to changing conditions. This control helps you conserve energy and battery levels, and is also much safer. If you need a versatile, eco-friendly, and fun way to get around, then a throttle ebike is one of the most enjoyable ways of getting around.

E-bike pedal assist VS throttle? What’s better for me?

A throttle-driven e-bike is essentially a regular e-bike but the motor will engage without pedaling. They’re more powerful than regular ebikes and that means you can easily carry more weight on the bike. So, whether you’re commuting, running errands,or dropping the kids at school, they’re a practical choice for using every day. On the other hand, a pedal-assist e-bike is good for controlling speed and provides an option for riders who prefer to pedal too. Throttle e-bikes let riders seamlessly switch to pedal-assist, offering the best of both worlds. Ultimately, choosing between the two depends on what works for you, your budget and your needs.

What to look for in a quality throttle e-bike?

There are a few key factors to consider when choosing the right throttle e-bike.

riding a throttle e-bike

Is it legal to ride a throttle-controlled electric bike?

You should always check your state and local laws but as a guide, throttle ebikes are a class II ebike and can be ridden up to 20mph with throttle power alone. In the United States, there is a three-class system based on safety, speed and motor power:

  • Class I e-bikes are pedal assist up to 20mph.
  • Class II also has a maximum speed of 20mph but can be powered by the motor without pedaling.
  • Class III is pedal assist up to 28mph.

Please note that regulations can change, and you should regularly check local and national laws. Relying on accurate legal information means you’re always safe and sticking to the rules. 

Meet the ultimate, commuter throttle bike

Introducing the Momentum Cito E+, a throttle e-bike that gives you the flexibility you need for commuting and exploring. TWith throttle assist speeds of up to 20mph and pedal-assist of up to 28mph, you’ll get where you want to go faster than ever before!The PedalPlus 6-sensor technology means you’ll enjoy a natural pedaling feeling, which adapts to your cadence, pitch, and torque as you ride.

Momentum Cito E+

Co-developed with Panasonic, the Cito E+ uses a super-safe, high-performance battery with IPX7 waterproofing. With a range of up to 75 miles in pedal assist mode and 45 miles in throttle-only mode, it's great for short runs and journeys further afield.

You can ride safely and confidently thanks to market-leading innovation as standard: the throttle only activates after the bike hits 3.5mph, and an auto brake cuts off the power from the motor as soon as you brake. Plus, its lights, turn signals, and -e-horn make sure you can be seen and heard when you’re out on the road. You can customize the bike to suit you, from storage solutions like a top tube, tote bag and racks to passenger options like footrests and seating. Ready for anything!