Energize Your Day

Its slim, integrated battery and small but mighty 1.7kg hub motor make the VOYA E+ our lightest-ever electric bike. With intuitive, easy handling and three ride support modes, it's a seriously easy commuter that will leave you energized and ready to take on your day.


Impressive range and recharge

The Voya E+‘s slim, stylish frame hides a powerful EnergyPak 250wh lithium-ion battery, with a lightning-fast recharge of less than 3.5 hours (and an 80% charge in just over two hours). You’d never guess the sleek, low-profile design concealed a battery with up to 45 miles range! At just 39.7lbs, the Voya E+ is light enough to be ridden without battery support if you want, too.

Seriously Easy Ride

Thanks to the torque and cadence sensors, it feels *exactly* like riding a regular bike (only faster – and easier!). The Voya E+ is set up to deliver a totally smooth, superior ride and can hit up to 20 mph with minimal pedaling effort. For an even easier ride, use ‘auto mode’: the Voya E+ will detect the ride speed and pedal power to automatically deliver seamless support, so you can relax and focus on your ride.

Reassuring quality and warranty

Momentum E-bikes are designed with high-spec components and super-safe premium E-bike batteries, designed in partnership with Panasonic. Our Lifetime Frame Warranty and 2-Year Battery Warranty give you peace of mind; and if you ever need to pop in for parts or friendly advice, you can find us in over 300 locations. Come and say hi!

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