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E-Bikes and Music: Elevating Your Summer Experience

Hazy summer days as the beats play on, has to be one of the ultimate ways to enjoy your favorite music. Nothing is more iconic than the scenes at summer festivals like Glastonbury, Sonar and Coachella.

The big ones are infamous for the hundreds of thousands they bring together, but if you prefer your festivals a little bit smaller, then you’ll love where we went this year. Down The Rabbit Hole in the Netherlands is where ‘Rabbits’ play, explore and dance the night away to tunes from Burna Boy, Paolo Nutini, King Princess and more.

Our festival era

The Dutch are renowned for their love of bikes and amazing cycle routes, so we took some of our e-bikes to the festival at Groene Heuvels so Rabbits could try them out. They were hopping mad for them - sorry we couldn’t help ourselves! We cycled, we had fun and we laughed - a lot, and all to epic tunes. Our festival era was in full flow.

There were a few ways to enjoy momentum e-bikes at the festival: to get rabbits to the venue -  or, a fun, stress-busting ‘race’! With a miniature version of the festival’s iconic ‘Grid’ landmark as the track, rabbits tested their mettle on some of our best-selling e-bikes. The crowd was electric, and our interactive races were a huge success!

Down The Rabbit Hole is ‘who we are when no one can see us’, whether you’re cooling off in the lake, hitting up a morning rave, or dancing all night, the laidback vibe is a place to enjoy good music and great times. We left with happy hearts and tired feet - couldn’t think of anything better! Sign up to find out about next year’s festival here.

Electric bike with friends

DIY festival 

If you missed out on tickets this year, or just can’t get away, then we’ve got a DIY festival idea for you. Pick a date and invite your mates; choose somewhere you and your friends can ride to - it doesn’t matter if it’s a beach, forest or city park; load your cargo e-bike with a speaker or two, drinks for everyone and some suncream – or even a tent or two if you’re allowed to camp; then  download this year’s playlist and get ready to party until the sun goes down.

Magical music

You don’t have to go down the rabbit hole to enjoy all the benefits of listening to your fave tunes. Music is an effortless tonic for your body and soul – it can reduce anxiety, blood pressure and pain, and improve your sleep, mood, alertness and memory. If that’s not a reason to book a festival for next summer or check out our GoYourWay playlist, then we don’t know what is!  
Anyone who’s been to a festival knows you can clock up way over your 10,000 daily steps from dancing alone, let alone getting around. Not only does dancing to epic beats serve as a decent workout, you’ll benefit from all the feel-good hormones dancing in a field releases!

Party planning

If you have a festival this year, or are plotting next year’s, why not ride to it? It’s greener, cheaper – and you’ll beat the crowds and avoid the huge queues – getting in, and out!

Some festivals, like Glastonbury, even encourage you to cycle. They have secure bike compounds and campsites for cyclists with showers; and they’ll even collect your tent and luggage and get it to and from the festival for a small fee. But, if you had a an electric bike, then you could just ride all the way there with absolutely everything you’d ever need!

Good rides, good music, good times – it's what life’s all about - Go Your Way.

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