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The Ultimate Australian Electric Bike Road Trip

Craving adventure and excitement? Take inspiration from Catherine and Dave, who packed up their lives and hit the road to explore everything Australia has to offer.

How it started...

When Queensland went into lockdown, both Catherine and Dave made the bold move to travel while continuing to work online. Being stuck at home and glued to their computer screens wasn’t the life they’d imagined, so they bought a caravan, upgraded their car, packed up their home and hit the road! “We wanted to travel around Australia and start a life where we collected experiences, not necessarily things,” explained Catherine.

Bike, Catherine and Dave

A New Way of Living

Of course, it’s easier said than done. A nomadic life isn’t t for everyone and you can’t just up sticks and go; it took the couple a good four or five months of planning, especially with changing pandemic regulations. It wouldn’t be much fun to find out you can’t cross the state or to explore a new city when everything is closed now, would it? Then there’s the getting used to living in a smaller space with no running water or electricity; having to be on the lookout for suitable parking; learning to tow and drive safely; being away from family – you get the picture. But it came with many perks, too.

They’ve never experienced so much freedom. No more routines, no more feeling attached to things or places, and no more daydreaming because they were already living the dream! For Catherine and Dave, this road trip has been a total life-changing experience. They’ve learned to be flexible, resourceful, and resilient whenever something goes wrong.

Catherine looking out the window

The Best Way to Explore: with a Momentum Electric Bike!

Full disclosure, Catherine and Dave were slightly skeptical about e-bikes at the beginning, thinking they’d be cheating when it came to exercising. Then they met a young couple on e-bikes who raved about them. So, they visited a local shop, did a test ride, and bought their own e-bikes the very same day!

They’re both total e-bike converts now! especially Catherine who’s boosted her confidence on hills and crossing roads.

They both bought a Transend E+, which is a great commuter e-bike that can easily cover bigger distances, so it’s great for exploring. “We used to ride maybe 8km (~5 miles) on normal bikes. Now we’re riding up to 40 to 50km (~25 to 31 miles) some days,” she enthused.

The batteries last so long and the riding experience is so smooth Catherine finds herself urging them both to go further. She describes the riding experience as a gentle push, similar to when kids start learning to ride a bike and their parents are gently pushing them from the back.

Bikes at the lake

Riding brings unexpected but beautiful experiences

Since buying their Momentum e-bikes, the couple seeks out bike paths when planning the next leg of their road trip so they can enjoy longer rides. In fact, it’s their favorite thing to do whenever they reach a new city! Some of their favorite experiences have happened while they were out on their e-bikes:  they rode along Mission Beach with the waves lapping up on one side; and were stopped by people curious about their e-bikes and their dog Winston the Wonderdog, beaming in his dog seat and -matching bike hat. Unfortunately, Winston passed away at the beginning of 2022, but Catherine and Dave were blessed to have such a sweet boy as their companion during many adventures.

Catherine and her dog

How it’s going...

The couple have been on the road for six months, working hard for three days a week and playing hard for four days. What a life! They’re on their way to visit family in New South Wales and Victoria for the winter holidays before they’re off again.

Every place they’ve visited has been special, from the heritage buildings in Rockhampton to the breathtaking Keppel islands and Mossman Gorge. The more they explore, the more they realize just how much there is to see even though they’ve lived in Australia all their lives. It would take years and several laps to see it all!

Catherine and Dave Bikeing, scenery

“If it scares you, it means you’re going to do something amazing”

Maybe one day Catherine and Dave will settle down somewhere, maybe they won’t. Who knows? But for now, they’re happy on the road. Of course, it’s not always sunshine and rainbows, but every experience has been totally worth it. “If it scares you, it means you’re going to do something pretty amazing,” was Catherine’s message for anyone thinking about taking the leap. Don’t wait until you retire to enjoy life! Follow Catherine’s journey here.

Do you know?

The ultimate and most popular road trip in Australia is called The Big Lap, and it consists of driving along Highway 1, Australia’s main highway. It connects all state capitals, and it’s the World’s longest national highway at 14,500 kilometers (around 9,000 miles). The average time to do the Big Lap is between 6 and 12 months, which gives you all the time you need to enjoy Australia’s most unforgettable places.  And don’t forget to bring your Momentum bike with you so you can truly explore every landmark you come across!