Gaming, parodies, and everything in between: The eclectic universe of streamer Milan Knol

Meet Milan Knol, a popular content creator and entertainment connoisseur from the Netherlands – famous for its windmills, canals, and bikes! With the rise of streaming platforms like YouTube and Twitch, more and more Dutch influencers are turning to streaming to showcase their skills or connect with others in their community. Milan Knol is a great example. He rose to fame, garnering more than 2.8 million followers across various social media platforms, thanks to his lively personality and funny content.

gamer Milan

Gaming and Milan

Like most gaming content creators, Milan’s journey started as a hobby. Growing up, he loved playing Duck Hunt on the NES and then moved on to Nintendo 64. It was his way of experiencing a different world, where anything was possible. Milan was hooked. He could play for hours on end: “I remember when I was 16 or 17, my mother was so angry at me for playing a game at night that she literally cut my internet cable with scissors because she was mad at the noise!” recalled Milan.  
Nowadays, Milan has a healthier approach to gaming. While still competitive, he’s able to take a loss, learn from the experience and move on. He uses this passion to fuel his content creator career, much like his younger brother, Enzo Knol, one of the Netherlands’ biggest YouTubers.

gamer Milan

Keeping life exciting

Milan’s channel today features a variety of content, including vlogs, gaming videos, and fun challenges with his brother and friends. What most people don’t know (unless you’re an OG fan) is that he started with parody and music videos before venturing into gaming content. This stems from his eclectic personality and attitude. You’ll find him playing pétanque with his friends, thrift shopping, magnet fishing, playing mini golf, kart racing, and laser-tag gaming. Whatever Milan decides to create, his goal has always been to spread positivity, make others laugh, and bond with his audience.   
On his days off, Milan loves exploring his town by bike. The Momentum Voya E+ was his first electric bike ever, and he’s never looked back.

gamer Milan rides an e-bike

Let’s hit replay!

Cycling is a huge part of Dutch culture. Most cities in the Netherlands have been designed with an extensive network of bike paths and bike-friendly infrastructure - the terrain is also relatively flat. Most people own at least one or two bikes, as it’s their primary mode of transport to commute, run errands, or explore. Milan is no exception, in fact, he grew up cycling 90 minutes to and from school every day! “There were some cycling lanes or roads next to farms or empty fields, and I would zig-zag left and right while listening to music to pass the time,” he remembers fondly. Had he owned an e-bike back then, his daily travel time could’ve been so much quicker – but no less fun.

Be free!

No one loves freedom more than Milan – he loves to explore a variety of quirky hobbies and places for his YouTube channel. You’ll usually see him riding around town with his Momentum Voya E+ e-bike on weekends. “The electric bike was a new experience, opening the world for me. You can go anywhere. You can walk it and park it anywhere. You feel so much freedom on a bike, and that’s what I like most about cycling,” enthused Milan. We couldn’t agree more! The Netherlands is perfect for owning an e-bike because the government offers tax incentives and subsidies, and endless local bike repair shops and cycling events. No wonder the Dutch city Amsterdam is known as the world’s cycling capital!  
Milan enjoys having a comfortable, stylish and powerful two-wheeler to take him between hobbies and reconnect with nature like he did as a kid.

gamer Milan rides an e-bike

Here for adventures

For someone with a curious and adventurous spirit like Milan, e-bikes are the ideal dose of freedom and mobility. Electric bike commuting is a great way to travel to and from work, explore new places, enjoy the outdoors, and just be more active. Much like Milan’s approach to creating content, e-bikes help inject variety and a bit of exploring into life.   
🚲⚡Why not take an e-bike out for a spin today and see for yourself? Learn more about the Momentum Voya E+ today by checking out the Arcade Ride campaign and Milan's Arcade ride challenge below(or here).

👾👾👾 Also follow his adventures at @milanknol on Instagram or YouTube.