A day-tour of Vancouver by e-bike, crafted by @absdulla

Step into Abdulla Khatib's world, a University of Toronto graduate and a student of life. Since 2013, his personal mission has been to uplift millennial gentlemen with fashion and lifestyle tips. He encourages his audience to step out of their comfort zone and discover their true potential through aspirational and highly curated content. Abdulla stands out with his humble, kind, and confident demeanor. “It’s about more than just looking good. Fashion is but a medium that helps people discover who they really are,” he says. When one feels good and lives authentically, it impacts how one shows up in their community.

The Millennial Gentleman

Abdulla has worked at sought-after brands like Club Monaco and Indochino, where he learned fashion fundamentals and picked up a handful of styling tips here and there. He was even featured in the GQ magazine back in 2013! Over time he built confidence and decided to launch his blog to make styling accessible to all – everyone deserves to look good.

As Abdulla’s career progressed, he eventually transitioned into tech, where he continued honing his digital skills at Shopify. His multidisciplinary background and personal growth mindset give him a unique perspective when working on his content. “Every effort counts, no matter how small. Life is about constantly improving, learning and growing so we can be the best version of ourselves. That’s how I’ve built my own confidence throughout the years and I know others can do the same,” asserted Abdulla.

“What does it mean to be a Millennial Gentleman?” you might ask. According to influencer Abdulla, it means to live authentically, to always strive for growth, and to be an overall well-rounded individual. Exploring this theme, recently Abdulla has started expanding his content topics to cover food, photography, and fitness to showcase a more well-rounded and holistic approach on men’s lifestyle. Dressing well is just one part of it.

Explore Vancouver with Momentum's e-bike - Voya E+ 3

Cycle around Vancouver on two wheels

Abdulla gave us an exclusive tour of the beautiful city of Vancouver on his e-bike. With the VOYA E+ we were able to cover a lot of ground thanks to its impressive range (up to 72km). His goal was to craft a car-free day exploring as much of the city as possible while taking advantage of the city’s bike-friendly nature. Kickstarting at Kafka for the best coffee downtown, one is also able to absorb the area’s unique architecture. This initial point serves as a great gateway to exploring all that Vancouver has to offer.

Next, we ventured further to discover the scenic seawall around Stanley Park, a leisurely ride that enables one to admire the breathtaking Vancouver skyline. Abdulla recommends an early start to avoid the summer seawall rush and the heat! The Momentum VOYA E+ 3 gives you the freedom to pick your preferred level of bike assist to suit your pace – so you can go as fast or as slow as you want.

Once we worked up an appetite, we headed east along the Union-Adanac Corridor to get to Downlow Chicken Shack for Abdulla’s favorite chicken sandwich in the city. There are also other great options near Commercial Drive, but this pick was a clear winner to refuel our spirits and bellies for what’s left of the ride!

Fancy an organic and sweet treat afterwards? Next on the list was Soft Peaks, known for its yummy soft-served ice cream. Enjoy it guilt-free after an exercise-filled day. Nestled in historic Gastown, we admired the architecture, the cobblestone walkways and other local hidden gems before our final leg of the journey.

The last stop Abdulla took us to was Sunset Beach to end the day with a serene sunset. It’s one of the few places in Vancouver with a truly magical view that is easy and fast to get to with an e-bike. Traffic who?

Explore Vancouver with Momentum's e-bike - Voya E+ 3

A whole new world without traffic – ride an e-bike

In a bustling city like Vancouver, getting around by car can be frustrating. Let’s face it, no one enjoys traffic. Vancouverites are very lucky they live in a bike-friendly city with its numerous bike paths and moderate climate. Not to mention Vancouver is known for its beautiful natural scenery! So cycling really is the best medium to take advantage of all this goodness.

City exploration with an e-bike can be a smart investment as it offers great range, is super comfortable, and helps you to avoid traffic. “The VOYA E+ 3 is an e-bike that offers an exceptional blend of performance, comfort, and environmental friendliness, all while getting some exercise,” exclaimed Abdulla after trying it out for a couple of weeks. Whether you’re exploring the city or simply commuting, not having to worry about parking is another big win. Sidenote: we do, however, recommend investing in a quality bike lock.

Abdulla spoke to us about how he loves being able to enjoy different sceneries he usually doesn’t notice while driving. And on nice days, he gets to enjoy the fresh air outside with the wind behind his back.

Explore Vancouver with Momentum's e-bike - Voya E+ 3

Elevate your lifestyle with electric bike commuting!

Abdulla's journey with the Momentum VOYA E+ 3 offers a perfect day of city exploration on an e-bike. In Vancouver, where bike accessibility is amazing, embracing eco-friendly mobility is a no-brainer. Say goodbye to the traffic and your parking woes! Explore Vancouver’s soothing city sights while engaging in urban adventure by stepping outside and finding fun, sustainable ways to exercise or commute. Abdulla hopes to continue inspiring other millennial gentlemen to make these positive changes in their lives, and including an e-bike simply ups the game.

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