Love cycling? Love your dog? Then it’s time to get your dog on your bike and (both) live your best lives!

Want to take your furry friend everywhere with you? Even on your bike? It might not seem like the most practical thing to do at first glance, but with the right solutions, it’s possible!

If you can’t bear to leave your best buddy behind when hopping in the saddle, our ultimate guide to taking your dog on your bike will give you plenty of safe options that’ll mean you get to spend even more time with your pooch… so they’ll never have to leave your side.

Whether you want to bring your dog with you on a leisurely weekend bike ride, or you need a convenient way to bring them with you when getting from A to B, choosing the right option for the type of dog you have is essential for keeping them safe as well as comfortable, especially if you’re likely to be racking up some serious miles on your wheels. But don’t worry, we’ve got a run-down of the best ways to take your dog on your bike, so you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for the pair of you.

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1. The front basket – best for getting out the door quickly

One of the easiest (and most adorable!) ways to bring your buddy with you on your adventures is to pop them into your front basket… that’s it! Simple, right? If you’ve already got a front basket fitted to your bike, there isn’t anything else you need in order to prepare ahead of time; so this is a great option for a short, spontaneous journey. If you’re looking to get a dog basket for your bike, bear in mind that this is only suitable for certain bike designs. If you’re an anxious pet parent, having your dog upfront also means your dog will be in view for the entire journey – just try not to get distracted by their cuteness!

Of course, this option won’t exactly do the trick if you’re the proud parent of, say, a labradoodle – but it could be perfect if you have a small breed. Nonetheless, even if you’re dealing with a tiny teacup breed, do make sure your front basket is strong, stable and sturdy. It’s worth keeping in mind the obedience levels of your dog, too – is he or she easily distracted, fidgety or easily scared? If so, this might not be the safest option for either of you.

2. The bike cargo trailer – best for bigger breeds or multiple dogs

A trailer bike attachment is a very safe and comfortable way to take your dog on your bike with you; so for longer journeys we would suggest this is the leader of the pack when it comes to options! While a trailer isn’t exactly the quickest or slickest option out there, it’s nothing a little advance planning to set up won’t fix.

It’s up to you how you spruce up your ‘woof-wagon’ to make it a safe haven for your dog, but finding a way to secure them into the trailer is a must since they will be out of sight for the majority of your ride. Try a bungee cord or short leash to keep them in place.

A massive pro when opting for the bike trailer is that it can carry larger dogs, since many bike trailers are designed to cater for kids. For this reason, many of them can also transport more than one dog – depending on the size of them, obviously – making it perfect for those with dog ‘families’!

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3. The rear basket– best for longer journeys

Somewhat of a compromise between the front basket and the trailer, this rear basket gives you the best of both worlds: convenience and quick loading, combined with safety and comfort for your pooch for potentially longer rides.

Cargo bikes with longer tails are perfect to fix large rear baskets onto, and are slick enough that you can leave it attached even for those journeys where your dog won’t be along for the ride. (They’re a godsend for bigger grocery shopping trips or commutes to work, too!) These rear basket designs are also a lot more spacious than front baskets (but less cumbersome than trailers), so have the potential to cater for medium-size dogs, too.

As with the trailer, with your pooch being behind you and out of sight, it’s important to make sure they’re secured in place. You’ll also need to take extra care to ensure hazards like long leads (which could get caught in the wheels or pedals) are removed, since your rear basket will not be enclosed the way many trailers are. Once these are taken care firmly of you can ride safe in the knowledge that your pooch is enjoying the wind in their hair!

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4. The backpack – best for the cute factor

This grab-and-go option just melts our hearts and is guaranteed to get some passers-by gushing. Smaller, lighter dog breeds are perfect for carrying in specially designed backpacks, as many dogs feel a lot safer being in close contact with their owner while on the bike – especially if they’re new to it.

Something to consider when shopping, is finding a backpack that provides comfort not only for your dog but also for you – since you’re the one who’ll be carrying the load! Incidentally, you’ll also want to think about how long you’ll be able to sustain being in the saddle using the backpack option. It may be quick and convenient, but the backpack is only really suitable for shorter rides.

Aside from being an option limited to use for smaller breeds, there are few cons to this adorable mode of transport for your best friend!

5. The bike leash – best for adventures

While less appropriate for road cycling, a harness and leash for your dog made specifically for bike rides has the potential to make for a really fun time if you’re looking for a little adventure while giving your dog (and yourself!) some quality exercise.

This is the perfect option for bigger dogs and keen athletes – who are both looking to rack up the miles! If your dog is powerful it’s likely to out run you, so make sure you opt for a bungee-style leash to avoid sudden jerking. And an absolute must is a non-pull harness for your pooch that is every bit durable as it is comfortable.

Most cyclists feel safer with long leashes on the bike to reduce the chances of colliding with their dog, providing you’ve got the space to play with!

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Ride in style

Ok, so you’ve decided how you’re getting your dog on the bike with you. Here are 3 ways to kit out your canine so they’re prepped and primed for the ride...

1 What a sight

Yes, dog goggles are a thing! Whether you’re riding out on the open road or heading on an off-road adventure with your buddy, don’t forget to protect your precious pooch’s eyes from the elements. Rex Specs goggles come in all sizes, a variety of designs and even cater for different activities.

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2 It’s all in the fit
Sitting still and braving the wind on a bike journey can leave your mutt a little chilly. An extra layer will do the trick, but something skin-tight like Equafleece is a must to avoid any accidents. There are many different styles so your dog can look their best, and the fact that they’re water-repellent is just an added bonus!


3 Be seen
Staying seen is of the utmost importance when taking your dog on your bike with you – and they may as well do it style in the Arcadia Trail High Visibility Pet Raincoat. The fluorescent colouring and reflective trim will keep your dog in sight whether it’s day or night, and if it unexpectedly starts to pour with rain halfway through your ride, well it’s got you covered – literally! Rover will stay calm knowing they’re protected from the downpour in this protective waterproof number.

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