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:-) great bikes, very well thought out, with just wide enough tires and excellent motor. Light enough, and easy to carry on a tow hook bike rack.

Madavey, New York city


I purchased this bike in March. The bike is very well balanced and the power assist is very smooth. Overall very happy.

Randy, Soquel California


It's fun to bike again! My Momentum Lafree E+ has taken the pressure off my arthritic knees. I am looking forward to many trails!

TNTere, Middle Tennessee

“A greener way to commute”

Even though you have loads of weight on the bike, the PAKYAK E+ is still easy to maneuver, and riding an E-bike is just FUN!

Brooklyn, New York City


The Ultimate Cargo E-Bike

With our PakYak E+ Cargo e-bike, function meets fun. The combination of powerful pedal assistance, innovative design and unrivalled range has never been easier to ride. Whether you're bringing the groceries home, taking your kids to school, or taking all the gear for a weekend adventure, the PakYak E+ is the bike that thinks it's a car!

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Momentum's Lightest E-Bike

Powerful, lightning fast and designed for city life, at just 39.7lbs the Voya E+ is our lightest ever commuter e bike. It might look like a regular bike, but it's anything but. With a slim, integrated battery and small but mighty 3.7lbs hub motor, the Voya E+ will take your commute to the next level.

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