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9 Best Electric Cargo Bike Accessories to Spice Up Your Ride

People are obsessed with cargo e-bikes because you can customize them with the best e-bike accessories, check out our must-buys now.

A cargo e-bike is a must-have for running errands, bringing gear on your next adventure, or even sending your kids off to school. It has the versatility, eco-friendliness, and health benefits of an e-bike. But on top of that, with a ton of available accessories and customizable options, your cargo e-bike is a safe and sturdy mode of transport capable of bringing all the family (pets included!) and gear along for the ride. Here are some of the essential accessories and options to help you get the most out of your cargo e-bike ride.

Safety first!

1. Passenger Bar - Something to hold on to

It can be difficult and unsafe riding your bike if a little one is squirming around uneasily in the seat behind you. It’s not only distracting, but also unsafe for you and your passenger, and could put you in a dangerous situation on the road. The Passenger Bar helps keep kids snug in their seat and gives them something to easily hold on to. The bar is made of strong aluminum, making it sturdy and durable. And it gives you peace of mind when you have precious cargo on board.

PAKYAK Passenger Bar

Provides extra safety for children and peace of mind for you
Foam around the rail for a comfy grip
Strong aluminum material makes it super durable

2. Wheel guard - Save the pant legs!

There’s nothing worse than getting a pant leg or shoelace caught in your bike wheel. Add a Wheel Guard to your PAKYAK E+ cargo e-bike and you’ll never get grubby pants again! It helps keep you safe, clean, and lets you focus on the road instead of your ankles.

PAKYAK Wheel Guard

Keeps everyone’s clothes clean
Helps prevent passengers’ feet, hands, and clothes from getting tangled in the wheel

Settle in and get comfortable

3. Seat Pad - Passengers rejoice

Let your passengers enjoy a comfortable ride, even on bumpy roads, with the PAKYAK E+ Seat Pad. The soft cushion absorbs shocks and has a water repellent surface (because nobody wants a wet bum on their bike ride). Have more than one kid? No worries! The Seat Pad can carry up to two kids or one adult. And it’s easy to install and remove when you’re not using it - no additional tools needed.


Cushion absorbs shocks and bumps
Water repellent surface means no wet bums!
Easy tool-free installation and removal makes it hassle free to use
Recommended for max. 2 kids or one adult to use

4. Foot Rest - A place to rest your feet

As a passenger, it can feel uncomfortable and awkward letting your feet dangle while cruising on a bike. The Foot Rest gives passengers a place to rest their feet for added comfort and support to make the ride safer and more stable. Plus, when you’re not carrying a passenger, the Foot Rest can even offer additional support for cargo loads. With a capacity of 51lbs (23kg) per side, or 102lbs (46kg) in total, it gives your cargo E-bike even more possibilities.

PAKYAK Foot Rest

Added stability and safety for passengers
Durable material for carrying heavy items
Dimensions: 14.6" x 6.3" x 9.1"/37cm x 16cm x 23cm per side.
Loading capacity: 51lb/23kg per side, 102lb/46kg per set

Finally, a way to carry all your stuff

5. Tote Bag - A cargo bike bag for all your goodies

A Tote Bag is a great choice when running errands on your cargo e-bike. The Tote Bag attaches to your bike’s front basket and can hold up to 11lbs (5kg). Better yet, it’s made from water-repellant materials and has a drawcord closure to keep your essentials from getting wet in the rain. Did we mention the smaller compartment inside the bag? It keeps your must-grab items separate and easy to access from the rest of your haul.


Dimensions: 450mm x 475mm x 245mm
Loading capacity: 5kg
20mmx10mm inner bag design allow you to protect essential items while using the bag
Velcro straps so you can attach it to the front basket.
Drawcord closure design

6. Pannier Bag - Versatile storage

Need even more space for your stuff? We’ve got it covered. PAKYAK’s Pannier Bag can be installed on the rear of your cargo e-bike to expand your full cargo capacity by almost 50lbs (24kg), with about 25lbs (12kg) on each side. The bag is lightweight, sturdy, and converts into a sling style hammer bag, making it perfect for adventures or everyday rides. When not in use, it can be rolled up and concealed, ready for next time.

PAKYAK Pannier Bag

  • Dimensions:560mmx140mmx400mm
  • Load Capacity: 26lb/12kg per bag, 52lb/24kg per pair
  • Two-in-one pannier bag with adjustable draw string enclosure to convert to sling style hammock bag
  • Inner Velcro closure allows you to adjust internal compartment or keep rolled and concealed when not in use
  • Reflective details for added safety

7. Rear Basket - More weight

Thought it stopped there? The PAKYAK E+ can still add a rear basket if you want to carry even more. The PAKYAK Rear Basket can support up to 100lbs (46kg) of cargo while maintaining a balanced and stable ride. Now you see why it’s called a cargo e-bike! And to keep you looking cool, the durable alloy frame is both functional and classy. With PAKYAK’s multiple options for storing your stuff, the possibilities are endless.

PAKYAK Rear Basket

Dimensions: 675mm x 475mm x 155mm
Loading capacity: 100lb/46kg
Mounting hardware included
Strong aluminum frame for durability
Removable aluminum plate included
Compatible with Eurocrate 600x400mm capacity

8. Cargo Strap – If you can haul it, secure it

When in doubt, strap it down. For loads that might tip or tumble, give yourself peace of mind with PAKYAK’s Cargo Strap. It’s a heavy duty 3-band universal cargo strap to help secure items in your front basket or rear basket and mount. Nobody wants to arrive at their destination to realize their rear load fell off somewhere along the way.

PAKYAK Cargo Strap

Elastic for versatile use
Length: each strap is 2 feet (60cm) long

9. Storage Case & Auxiliary Battery Combo – Double the distance

The PAKYAK E+ already comes with a high-capacity battery. But for longer rides, you can bring an extra 500WH battery to double the distance. There’s a spot to keep the Auxiliary Battery in the storage case already included on the bike. If you don’t need to bring an extra battery with you, that space in the storage case is free to store and lock away any other small items you might need. Your keys, tools, or gloves — whatever you want. And yes, it will all stay dry in the rain!

PAKYAK Storage Case

Included with bike
Max Volume: 6L
Lockable design can keep carry items dry even in the rain

PAKYAK Auxiliary Battery 

Includes a 500WH battery to extend your range!

Check it out for yourself

When it comes to life’s routines, adventures, and conveniences, a cargo E-bike fitted with the right accessories really can do it all. With Momentum’s PAKYAK E+ and its accessories, the versatility and range of possibilities you can get out of your E-bike will be more than you’ve ever imagined. Whether it be for family hangouts, hauling gear for a camping trip, bringing home a full load of groceries, or taking your pup out for a ride, you might find that a cargo E-bike is exactly what you need