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Community FAQ's

Q. What is your main purpose for riding? 
A: If you want to commute to work or find a fun way to move through the city, we have a collection of commuter bikes (page including Transend E+/UX/PakAway) to choose from. From simple singlespeeds to innovative electric commuter bikes, these bikes help you beat traffic, roll to the corner coffeeshop, or ride to work without breaking a sweat.
If you want to carry groceries, kids, or even a pet, utility bikes are your best choice (page including Vida/Vida E+). These bikes help simplify your life with integrated designs for cargo baskets, racks or baby seats. They allow you to combine function with fun, enabling you to carry what you need in your daily life without the hassle and expense of driving a car.
If you want a bike for recreational purposes, we offer uniquely designed bikes to fit your lifestyle (page including Street, Vida, Vida E+).

Q: What type of roads and terrain do you want to ride? 
A: If you want to tackle hilly roads with less effort, an E-bike can help you enjoy the ride and reach your destination faster. If you want to use your own pedaling power but still have hills to climb, you can choose a bike with multiple gears. If you prefer simplicity and have flatter roads or paths, a singlespeed might be the right choice.

Q: Do you have knee, hip or back issues?
A: We recommend a bike with comfortable geometry. Our step-through frame bikes might help you enjoy the ride.

Q. Which size bike is best for you?
A: It’s important to get this one right. After you choose the right model, you can see sizing information for that particular product. Choose the correct size based on your height or stand-over measurement.

Q. Do you have limited storage space for your bike or need to keep it inside?
A: If you have limited space or you need to carry your bike up and down stairs, a folding bike might be the best choice. These bikes are designed to fold up into a lightweight and compact package for carrying and storing.

Q: There are several different frame styles, how do you choose the right one?
A: In general, we have three types of bike frames for Momentum: Double diamond, mid-step and step-through. Double diamond frames have a high top tube, similar to those on standard road bikes. These are a good choice if you don’t have to mount and dismount very often. Mid-step frames have a slightly lowered top tube, which makes it easier to maneuver in urban environments, especially when carrying cargo. Step-through framesets have the lowest top tube, a design often favored by riders seeking a comfortable, stable ride that’s easiest to get on and off. Step-through frames are also a good option for people who ride in street clothes or work attire and don’t often wear cycling-specific gear.

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Things to check before you ride.

  • Check user manual for safety & useage guidelines.
  • Check the forecast before you go and be prepared for weather changes.
  • Make sure you have a Helmet, Locks, and Lights.
  • Customize your bike with accessories.
  • Plan your route, and use cycling friendly roads.
  • After purchasing, be sure to register your bike and read about the warranty.

Tips to properly secure & maintain your bike.

  • Always store bike inside a dry, secure area with a lock.
  • Check your tire wear, lube your chain, and check your battery charge.
  • Remove the battery during storage if possible, follow safe charging practices.
  • Condiser purchasing bike insurance.

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