Didn’t think you needed a cargo E-bike in your life? Think again – these handy new bikes are all the rage... here are 10 reasons why you need to buy an electric cargo bike!

Everyone’s talking about cargo E-bikes right now and for good reason. Not only do cargo E-bikes – also known as electric cargo bikes – fit seamlessly into different lifestyles, but in many cases, they can make your life a heck of a lot easier, too – grocery shopping, picking the kids up and taking your dog everywhere with you just got an upgrade! From being stylish to functional [Learn More], the cargo E-bike ticks all the boxes and then some. Find out how it can boost your day with these 10 reasons to buy a cargo E-bike.

1. Cargo E-Bikes Are an Eco-Friendly Choice

Being aware of our impact on climate change is something we are all thinking about. Cycling as your main mode of transportation is undeniably better for the environment than driving – but we know it’s not always the most convenient or practical way to travel. If only there was a compromise between the two… enter the cargo E-bike. Battery powered and customizable, it’s functional enough to transport anything from groceries to your kids. The cargo E-bike’s battery assistance makes it possible to cart around even heavy loads with little effort – and low carbon emissions!

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2. Your Kids Will Love an Electric Family Bike

The school drop-off just got an upgrade – for both you and the kids! Strong and sturdy trailers made especially for cargo bikes are perfect for taking your kids out and about, especially to and from school. They’ll love riding in a cool trailer that you can deck out in any way you like. Plus, they’ll be getting a strong dose of fresh air and vitamin D while they’re at it, too. Everybody wins!

3. Your Pets Will Love It, Too!

Just as easily as you can bring the kids with you on any adventure in their very own trailer, the same goes for your furry friends – we wouldn’t want them to be left out, would we? Whether it’s running errands or picking the kids up from school, bring your dog along for the ride with ease. Just make sure your bestie is safely secured when you take the dog on the bike.

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4. It’s Made for Exploring

There are a million and one reasons for you to fall in love with the cargo E-bike if you’re the outdoorsy type, and its compatibility with activities like camping is just one of them. Finally, the perfect mode of transport to ship you and all of your camping gear to the picture-perfect spot in the great outdoors. It even gets your outdoor adventure started early, giving you that nature fix throughout the entire journey there. Why wait?

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5. Getting Groceries Will Feel Like Less of a Chore

Has there ever been a simpler way to carry your groceries home than by using a cargo E-bike? For those of us sans vehicle, walking home or navigating public transport with a week’s worth of groceries just isn’t fun however you try to spin it – that includes if you’re counting it as your daily workout session, too. It really is another opportunity for a cargo E-bike to shine. Load up on everything you need without worrying about putting your back out!

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6. It Will Save You Money

Needless to say a cargo E-bike will not be breaking the bank when compared to forking out for a car. If you’ve been considering a car for any of the above reasons, consider this instead. Not only can a cargo E-bike be the way to easily get you from A to B, but it’ll cost you a fraction of the price, and who doesn’t want to save money?

7. It Can Help Get Your Business off the Ground

Entrepreneurs already have it hard – without the funding of big companies, start-ups and small businesses could always do with budget-friendly ways to improve their operations. If you’ve got a business that involves making deliveries or the frequent use of a courier service, you might discover that a cargo E-bike could tick many boxes without breaking the budget, meaning you could invest your money in other areas of your empire!.

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8. You’ll Become More Active

One of the coolest things about an E-bike (including an E-cargo bike), is that while the battery-powered element can make your life a lot easier, the fact is, you are still riding a bike and therefore can be very active while using it. We all know movement is vital to good health, so get going!

9. It Can Be Customized for All Your Needs

You can probably tell by now that there’s not much the cargo E-bike can’t do, other than fly. This is because of its ability to be customized to so many different needs. You’ll find cargo E-bikes doubling as coffee carts as well as people using cargo E-bikes as their main mode of transportation. The beauty is in its ability to be customized to perform in whatever way you need! Check out our Pakyak accessories, it has so many functional and stylish customizable options, you’ll be spoiled for choice

10. You Can Actually Appreciate The World

Busy schedules can take away from some of the simplest pleasures in life, but making a cargo E-bike a staple in your daily routine can fix all this. Suddenly getting around town becomes a new way to appreciate everything around you, from the sunshine and fresh air to the little parts of town that you always took for granted in your car or on the train. Time to take it all in people!