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An Incredible Eco-biking Journey Through Urban Green Spaces

Living in a city like New York can be exciting, but also overwhelming at times. You can see the streets bustling with people rushing to their offices, cars pushing through traffic, and the visible results of an industrial metropolis churning day in and day out.

Junior Schouten is the Head Gardener and Head Beekeeper at Brooklyn Grange. He loves living in the city, but he’s always sought a way to maintain a close connection to the environment. That’s why he joined Brooklyn Grange, which aims to create urban green spaces around New York City for more sustainable city living. And to move more easily between Brooklyn Grange’s sites, Junior rides Momentum’s PAKYAK E+ cargo E-bike to commute through the hustle and bustle of New York City, perfect for getting where he needs to go with all his equipment and gear.

Junior Schouten, Brooklyn Grange, and Farming in the City

Greener city life is something that Junior has always imagined for his future and his career. “I am doing this job because I said I will never work in an office. I have to be outside. I like to work with my hands and working at Brooklyn Grange allows me to do all those things,” he said. “We get to be in the gardens, we get to look at plants all day. It’s beautiful.”

Since Brooklyn Grange was founded in 2010, it has turned an ambitious dream of creating more sustainable city life into a successful reality. Now, New York’s city dwellers can enjoy fresh vegetables, fruits, and flowers in and across the city. And Brooklyn Grange’s beautiful farms are some of the most popular venues for green-conscious weddings, corporate events, and other occasions where hosts enjoy the convenience of the city while surrounding guests with surreal farm scenery.

Junior’s typical day as Head Gardener consists of supervising the growth of tomatoes, cucumbers, roses, and many other plants across several different sites. He usually starts his journey at Brooklyn Grange’s headquarters, where he packs the necessary materials for his stops at different sites across the city. “Taking huge quantities of soil and fertilizer across New York’s traffic seemed impossible at first,” he told us. “Until I found out about cargo E-bikes and Momentum’s PAKYAK E+.”

commute in the city, electric bikes

Why Junior Can’t Live Without His PAKYAK E+

One of the most important missions for Brooklyn Grange is to create a healthier, greener lifestyle for people living in the city and to reduce their own urban footprint, and this especially applies to the gardeners working at the farm. One of the most sustainable and efficient ways to navigate through bustling New York traffic is by cycling. So, Junior has discovered a modern solution for a modern problem. PAKYAK E+ is a cargo E-bike that allows him to ride to different sites easily without worrying about heavy traffic, finding a parking space, or polluting the environment.

With its front basket, rear rack, and ample storage space, the PAKYAK E+ lets Junior carry all the materials he needs, while the strong and rugged frame keeps his cargo steady and safe while riding. But the best part of riding an E-bike is that it will do the heavy lifting for you with its electric motor. “Even though you have loads of weight on the bike, the PAKYAK E+ is still easy to maneuver, and you can cruise through traffic thanks to the pedal-assist,” he explained. “You can zip up hills - having that extra boost makes it a lot easier.”

Once Junior arrives at a farming site, not having to search for a parking spot might be the best part of riding his bike. While unloading, he simply puts down the PAKYAK E+’s sturdy kickstand, which was designed for safely loading and unloading heavy cargo, and takes his materials to the rooftop to get to work on his next green creation.

The Future is Bright

As their company mission states: “Sustainability is at the heart of Brooklyn Grange’s mission, and we are constantly innovating ways to create future cities that are greener, cleaner, and more delicious.” This sentiment is shared by Junior Schouten and all the other gardeners building a more sustainable future for New York City. A greener future is possible through their hard work, and now, a greener lifestyle is possible for how they can get from Point A to Point B. Momentum’s PAKYAK E+ was designed with people like Junior and the folks at Brooklyn Grange in mind, to help the city lovers live more healthily and sustainably while riding comfortably and efficiently toward a greener future.

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